My Butterfly Dream

Crazy thoughts and not so wild ideas

Welcome to the thoughts in my head…

When I was younger I wrote a book. I do not remember the details of the story however I do remember only allowing one friend to read it (and that is because at the time she was also writing a book). It was a strange dedication – everyday after school we would rush to our dormitory (we were in boarding school) and write and write and write. It carried on for a term (which in high school felt like a lifetime) and once I was done with my story and my friend had read it I threw it away. Just like that.


Why am I sharing this little piece of information with you? Maybe it’s because I’ve never told anyone or maybe it’s because I still cannot understand how I could so easily throw away something that I had given so much attention to. So I am hoping that by sharing my thoughts with whoever may get their hands on this (and that thought is in itself nerve-wrecking) I will be able to appreciate the little things done more and hopefully you will too.


The journey begins…


Each time after I’ve read some inspirational story; attended some inspirational seminar I have always made a mental note to myself about the different things I am going to do and yet I’ve never completed a single one. So after a lot of reflection and thinking (I think A LOT) here is the beginning of my new journey where I hope I am able to share how I plan to find my passion in life and in doing so hopefully help many others find theirs.

So step one – Asking the following question:

What changed to make me start this blog you may ask? Nothing. There was no A-HA! moment; nobody encouraged me (nobody knows I am typing this) except being asked one question at a recent seminar – “What am I waiting for?” If people do not like what I write then they are more than welcome to not read it but if it helps my journey of self-discovery and hopefully helps just one other person then it would definitely be worth not listening to all the self-doubt.


On that note I have hopefully gotten you interested in walking a journey with me and until next week (Yes, this is my self-imposed deadline) ask questions but most importantly do not stop looking for the answers.