Welcome to my blog!

A few years ago, a friend passed away and unsure and lost in how to express, understand or handle my emotions I decided to start a blog; a blog about whatever was on my mind. It was a huge step for me; letting people into my thoughts, forcing my way to be vulnerable. Subconsciously I was hoping it would help me feel (I had become an individual out of touch with my emotions). Needless to say, years later, here I am, continuously looking and finding the balance between my head and my heart, logic and emotion, rational and irrational (because, as I’ve learnt, we’re human after all).

It has been and continues to be a journey of learning; sharing my experiences, what has helped me grow and what motivates or inspires me.

This blog is all about self-development, personal growth, relationships and people. I love new ways of thinking and for my own thinking to be challenged; I love learning; I love and yet seem to be afraid of change (I am – or should I say was – a control freak), and I want you to join me on this journey; so here’s your official invite.

My blogs are shared at the beginning of the month and mid-monthly; and I share any writing I’ve had published on other sites. I am also a personal development coach that believes energy of all kinds is important so check out my tab, “Sankhara” to know more about my coaching.

Why the name, My Butterfly Dream? It reminds me of times when I was spontaneous and had 2 tattoos done on separate occasions; a butterfly and the word dream; neither at the time had any meaning attached to them…but as life works, the meaning was created over time and clearly the Universe knew more than me.

I’d love to hear from you so subscribe to my blog, follow me on the different social media links, or share your thoughts in my comments section or do both. The decision is really yours!