Half a step this time…

One of the things I truly enjoy is observing how individuals interact with each other (that sounds way less creepy than saying I enjoy watching people)! When I am in large groups or crowds it is my way of escaping the “chaos of people” around me and also my way of being a part of the chaos without having to swim in the deep end. I admire those individuals who can so easily weave themselves in and out of conversation and there are those who without moving an inch are able to control the crowds.


The individuals however who truly receive all my attention are the ones I do not understand. They generally are wrapped in negativity and seem to want to run away from this chaos. BUT not before they have received the attention of chaos. What am I possibly going on about? (I know you’re asking this). Let me delve in a story to try illustrate my point.


During a lunch break of a recent workshop a delegate “stole” another delegate’s seat. Regardless of the requests from the other delegates (they arrived in a group) she refused to move. Her argument was that the seats were not numbered and she could sit anywhere she wanted. So with her simply accurate fact she broke the group up and the victim ended up sitting directly behind his attacker. What intrigued me though were neither the arguments nor the wonderful timing (it happened a few minutes before the main speaker arrived) but rather I was intrigued by this delegate’s incredible negativity. It oozed from her to such an extent I was surprised no one else (not even her victim) seemed affected. I kept thinking, “Is she really going to enjoy the rest of this workshop?” And then to my amazement she left halfway through.




What was the point of potentially destroying another individual’s good experience when she was not even going to enjoy her own experience? And this then made me ask even more questions (you didn’t believe me when I said I think A LOT in my first post did you?)


Why attend something if you really do not want to? Why be so negative and what could possibly make you so negative that you do not realise you are harming those around you AND yourself?


My father calls me a pessimist (I call myself a realist) however I wonder if I was that negative would I realise it? I almost wanted to stop her and ask if she understood the effects she just had on other individuals – complete strangers.


And that is something I think we all need to think about. Yes, we all have bad days and yes we all are negative but how do we stop it from consuming us? How do we notice it in time so that we do not destroy potentially good experiences? How do we become so observant that we can stop the negativity before it even starts?


Shoo! This post has so many questions and clearly not enough answers… So I suppose it will be half a step forward this time…

4 thoughts on “Half a step this time…

  1. Raphaella says

    Wow some really deep stuff, begs alot of serious thinking before commenting. So I shall just say this,I will be back

  2. Nozipho says

    What energy do we each bring into a room? We can decide to be a positive force and that automatically lightens the energy of the room or we could be negative…


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