My complaint for the day.

On pinterest (yes, I love pinterest) there are many lists (yes, I love lists) ranging from the best recipes; best exercises and best ways to improve your life. On most of these “how to improve your life – what to do and what not to do” lists is the phrase, “Stop complaining.” Even Robin Sharma, the top motivational speaker on how to live your best life has a 90 day complaint free challenge. Have I tried it? Of course. Have I succeeded? No, not yet.

Let’s dissect this a little…

What is classified as complaining? Anything negative that comes out of your mouth to put it broadly. That guy that you swore at when he jumped in front of you in traffic – complaining; the sun making life too hot and uncomfortable – complaining; the winter cold that makes us wish for the sun again – complaining. You get the picture right? In fact, even saying, “I wish I could go home early today, work is killing me” would classify as a complaint. It sounds tedious and like everything else that is supposed to be good for you and yes, it is. You have to think and make an effort and force yourself to create a new habit (sounds like a complaint, doesn’t it?)

I tried this complaint-free challenge a few months ago and managed four days. I stopped not because it was hard (it was) but because I simply forgot that I was on this challenge (my excuse: the weekend arrived and my routine changed).

How were the four days? Good. Really good. Being on this challenge made me think before speaking and it forced me to stop thinking so negatively. I realised just how a simple sentence could change a conversation or how much complaining actually occurred in everyday life. Ever since I started typing these blogs I’ve become more and more observant on what/who I allow to influence my life and it is taking time to detox from everything I want gone.

I tried again and forgot about it a few seconds after I made my decision. No, that is incorrect. I forgot about it as soon as I started talking. My challenge on top of the complaint-free challenge is to remember that I am up for this challenge. I will try again this week. And if I fail I’ll try again the following week. And again and again.

If you take up the challenge too let me know how it went and what helped and what didn’t – I’d love to hear from you 🙂

2 thoughts on “My complaint for the day.

  1. Silindile says

    It’s already too much effort to think of how I will stop myself from complaining! Good luck…I will check on u.


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