The existence of time.

Albert Einstein once stated, “the only reason why time exists is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.” The truth in this statement is profound. Time doesn’t change anything; people do not change because time passes; thinking doesn’t change because time passes; life doesn’t change just because time passes. Time doesn’t heal wounds nor do people become mature simply because they get older.

What time does, is allow other factors to influence changes – people believe that because they are older they should behave differently or internal or external factors influence the change and because of a concept like time it allows us to notice, become aware and if we are observant enough learn what affects us.

If you are observant enough you would not take it for granted either. You would realise that 7 months of this year has passed, never to come back. Have you accomplished those goals you set in January? Are you on track? Or did you keep procrastinating and tell yourself, “tomorrow is another day.” Time may have one reason to exist and if used correctly, you would be able to do, see and accomplish all the things you want.

Don’t take time for granted. Even though it stops everything from happening at once, you could stop yourself from anything happening at all because you may think you have all the time in the world.

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