Life and those curveballs.

Reflection is always important. In addition, it is something I have noticed less and less people take the time to do.

I find it invaluable. I find it calming and I enjoy it (a little too much probably) because it helps me compare myself to myself. You know that thing people do of comparing themselves to others? I generally do not have that problem. I am always comparing myself to my younger self.


Making a decision today?

What would I have done ten years ago? Have I been in a similar position before? What did I do then? Did it go well? Why would I do it again? Would I do it again? Are a few questions that run through my mind. It is also the reason why I am unable to make decisions on the spot. And if I am forced to, I will re-play that decision over and over until it makes sense. Hopefully.

Even though this is the way I reflect, it doesn’t make it the only way (or the best way for that matter) but it is still important. There is something about reflecting that makes me feel like I’ve grown (either up, apart or not so great). And from there I can determine if I’m on the right path. Now, you may say, “But I know if I’m on the right path or not because I have plans and goals.”

My response to that comment? Life.

And Life doesn’t care too much for your plans or goals. And it doesn’t care too much for mine either.

As a response to Life and its all-encompassing obstacles and curveballs, I tend to look back and see where I was to where I am now. The next important aspect of this is to accept that not all things from the past turned out well but they did a play a role in how you’ve landed up where you’re at today. The key to remember is that if you have been living, you have most likely lost a few things along the way.

If I look back and realise that twenty years ago I had a better job than the one I currently have today (this is not fact because twenty years ago I was not working yet) I’d find myself trying to figure out why that’s the case, and how to either get back to that job or understand what I don’t enjoy about my current one and attempt to change things. Yes, I know it seems like I am oversimplifying things but remember, this is only a part of a larger process and one that I relish in. If however, as most of us soon learn, you look back and realise that you dealt with a curveball that life has now thrown at you and one that you definitely did not see coming, in a stronger way, and tackled it oncoming then hooray for you! Years ago, you may have tried impersonating an ostrich with its head in the sand and then wondered why life happened the way it did but not today – you spoke up and chose what you wanted.

If we never reflect and take a moment to see how far we have come then we are missing out on half the joy of living and growing up. We couldn’t have been that perfect in the past that we only went downhill from there so why not take a moment and be happy about where you’re at today.

You never know when that next curveball is going to be thrown at you.



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