When life scares you into living.

Sometimes life has to shake us awake by scaring us into it.

Sometimes this comes through health scares, loss of loved ones or tragedy. Many times it’s a sign, a very obvious in your face sign that maybe, just maybe, we were missing all the little signs that were trying to prompt us into living the best life we can.

How often do we truly appreciate that R5 lottery win when it could have been nothing. Or how often do we say, “Yeah, I did okay but it’s not as good as I wanted.”
A lot of the time, we make the excuse of “It’s human nature to focus on the negative. It’s human nature to always want more.” And most times this isn’t a bad thing. When you notice someone following you, it’s probably best to take note of it. When you want that next degree, it’s motivating to push yourself.
But when we stop appreciating what we already have, and we still want more then what’s the point? Why should we get more or different or better?

And this is when life has to help us out. It stops being subtle. It throws a sign in our face, so difficult to miss even with our eyes closed. It yells, “When I’m making it glaringly obvious that you should change something, change it! And love life too, damnit!”
We shouldn’t ignore the signs because we’re scared or too comfortable. That’s probably why we get the obvious sign in the first place.

When life throws us that sign that’s hard to miss like morning frost on grass announcing the winter arrival, we get stuck into thinking,”Why me?” “Why now?” “Why does winter exist?” and get trapped into victim mode. But if we look hard enough there’s always opportunity from chaos. Even in winter.

Sometimes you’ve got to take the first step to change based on faith. And then hope for the best. And if you don’t believe your faith is strong enough then prepare for the worst. But always hope for the best.

When was the last time you made a drastic decision? One you’d been wanting to make for years but just never had the guts? It was probably the same time life threw you a lemon. And begged you to make lemonade.


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