Not for everyone…maybe not right now.

As is my way of procrastinating, I finished yet another book instead of studying. And normally if I read a good book, I’d recommend it for everyone or to everyone. Not this one. How to make S*** happen by Sean Whalen is not for everyone.

It’s not the most complicated, hardest or longest book I’ve read. In fact it’s not even the most groundbreaking. It’s short. As in finish on the same day short. But it’s honest. And has a lot of swearing. A LOT.

It’s the kind of book that makes you do, as opposed to think. Well that’s the effect it had on me. With certain things. Not all. That requires a re-read every time I want to be slapped in the face. You know, to just whack me back into reality every now and then.

I wouldn’t even call this a feel-good book. It kicks your butt every time you think of a response to this author who you’re secretly judging and calling arrogant. Especially when he has written something like, “B***S***, that’s just an excuse, and you know it.” And he’s talking directly to you. And at first you squirm uncomfortably because you’re whispering, “it’s not an excuse. It really is the truth.”
But deep down you know the real truth. The pain wrenching truth that he’s right, it is just an excuse.
So you carry on reading.

Like the book, this is a short post. Don’t read the book until you’re ready to be punched in the gut and willing to accept that the only reason you don’t have what you want is probably because you’re lazy.


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