When you’re in the flow.

For the first time in a super looong time I feel like I’ve got a handle on my life. It’s this comfortable, rhythmic part of life where I can say I’m happy without thinking about it…well without overthinking it rather. Which is great, right?! No particular change, except a well needed break was taken and a mindset shift (which I’ve been working towards for years) happened (nearly all my blogs from last year can attest to this). There is light at the end of the tunnel…or at least midway through this long tunnel of life.

I’m not even worried about this time being a false sense of security because as I’ve been doing all this self-work and life-work I know that it will not last forever and I’m learning to be okay with this. Learning that this is the way to stop trying to control everything. But while things are going well it does give me an opportunity to make sure I continue building on what I’ve been working on throughout. It’s times like these which make it too easy to stop reading, to stop meditating, to stop coaching or therapy or whatever. And trust me, I even had to talk myself into doing this blog. Why is it easier to stop? Because when things are falling into place it’s easy to forget how you got here in the first place and what made you get into all those things in the first place.

When there is an episode thrown at me by my friend called Life, one that I probably will not appreciate in the moment I want to be even fitter and stronger and prepared for it. And by prepared I don’t mean anticipating the worst now or preparing myself for the worst case scenario (I have no idea what that might even be to be honest) I mean continuing to grow and develop for myself so that I understand how quick life can change. And by quick, I really do mean, in an instant.

In essence, what does all this mean? It means when you are in the flow of life, carry on doing the things that got you there in the first place. Carry on exercising, yoga, meditating, blogging whatever it is for you because there will come a time when you will fall out of the flow and you’ll be able to face those moments stronger and with more understanding.

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