Self-care tips that have helped me.

This blog will be simple. I promise. Because it’s about some self-care tips that take up no more than 5 minutes and things I’ve been enjoying. Actually I didn’t even think of some of them as self-care or routine or habits until I started reading up on it. They’re simple acts that, on reflection, have made a world of difference to me. Some you know, and maybe others may be new to you. Let’s begin!

1. Open a window. Seriously. First thing in the morning. Let that stale air that’s gathered while you’ve been sleeping out, and let the fresh air in. Yes, even in the cold. Just for a few minutes or even if you jump back into bed afterwards. Easy right?

2. Write down 3 things you’re grateful for. Sometimes when I am a proper grump-a-lumps, I do this. On whatever piece of paper I find. And it helps.

3. Listen to your favourite song. And just pick one if you’re too busy. But pick one and listen to it. Immerse yourself in it. And do nothing else while listening to it. I put on my headphones and hear nothing else. This has helped when I’ve needed a distraction and have only had a few minutes in between things.

4. Find a nature scent that reminds you of calmness and smell away! Essential oils, mist sprays, herbs, whatever. I enjoy lavender. I have an amazing sister-in-law that makes me essential oils mixtures (yes, I’m spoilt, I love it) and I just dab it on my wrists during the day. Please be careful here if you have any allergies or are sensitive to strong scents. Do what’s right for you.
On a side note, check out my sister in laws site for healthy nutritional living. She’s passionate about it and I love her for it. But also for the oils. (

5. While talking about nutrition, drink water. I’m not going to talk about how much or go into the health benefits, you can do your own research here. I’m just going to say, grab a glass and fill it with water. And drink it. It helps.

6. Have a treat. A treat is not something you eat just because it’s around. Its something you’ve decided to look forward to at some point in the day and now you get to have it! Mine is chocolate. Obviously.

7. Do a brain dump. A what? A brain dump. All that stuff that’s going on over and over and over in your brain. Get it out. Either verbally or physically by writing it down. Then read through it and throw it away. Here’s a link that may be useful:

8. Phone someone. Did I just type that?! Gasp! Okay, but let’s be clever about this one. Phone someone you actually want to talk to and not someone who will suck the life out of you. A quick hi!

9. Put your legs up on the wall for five minutes. Huh? Okay, I know, sounds weird. But it’s actually based on a yoga practice and has a number of health benefits. I suggest YouTube or Google if you want to understand more and if it’s okay for you to do from a health perspective. I find it relaxing and enjoy doing this while sitting on the sofa, watching TV upside down. But once again, before you do this, please check that it won’t cause your body more harm than good.

10. My favourite: Light a candle. If I’m at home there’s a candle burning. Always (well, except when I’m asleep).  And you don’t need those expensive glamorous candles. The normal 18cm candles will do and the local grocery stores normally have them in a variety of colours. I have mine burning in whatever room I’m in and sometimes randomly stare at it. I find it quite calming. A few things to mention: Do not leave the lit candle unattended, use a candle holder and be careful where and on what surface you place the candle.

I hope these help keep you calm and relaxed in those moments of stress and tension. Self-care is good for the soul, and there’s so much information out there on tips and tricks that may help so if none lf these grabbed your attention, go find others. It’s worth it!

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