A little support for those who have supported me.

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When I’m heading into a negative spiral, my head starts feeling incredibly heavy. Not quite a headache but not quite not a headache. It’s like a constant weight that I just carry, a weight filled with negative thoughts. I’ve learnt to identify the signs for when the spiral starts (grumpiness, lethargy, irritation, lack of motivation, not wanting to be in any form of contact with anyone are just a few). I’ve also learnt to follow certain actions that help contain this spiral and while it may not avoid the spiral completely it does make the time frame shorter.

What do I do?

1. Clean out a space. Whatever I’ve been putting off for whatever reason. I do this by becoming so annoyed about the out-of-place untidiness that eventually my energy to get it out the way grows. This week I went in ruthless. My bookshelves were the victim and I made sure to find 15 books to give away. My bookshelves have never looked so clean and when I look at it, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

2. Do as little as possible that requires mental stimulation (no reading, no puzzles, nothing too strenuous). Why? Because I find that I end up thinking about whatever is getting me into this negative spiral and then I can’t remember what I’ve read or I struggle with the simplest of puzzles and get myself even more worked up. I just end up asking myself, “Am I really this stupid?” and that’s not a good question to be asking…ever.

3. Focus on others. This is normally the kind of week I take donations received and go buy and give out food parcels. It’s such a good reminder to be grateful for what we have, whatever it is we have. This is not a selfless act. I started doing this because during lockdown I got so tired of my own self-pity and I also couldn’t take the pain of seeing so many people suffering every time I left my home. It helps me and someone else in the process.

Another way I thought to focus on others, is by telling you about a few of the amazing entrepreneurs I have in my life who are doing special and great things. They inspire me in different ways, and when I’m stuck in this whirlwind of self-pity, frustration or negativity, I’m always reminded of the people I have in my life and those I’ve met along the way who are go-getters and keep pushing through.

This post is dedicated to them as a thank you.

Tamba Naturals & Juicy Button
One of my older and dearer friendships. We’ve survived being roomies and a holiday so basically she’s stuck with me for a while longer. Vimbai – a.k.a. Tamba Naturals and a.k.a. Juicy Button.
One of the most creative people I know.
Juicy Button = She started off making and selling earring from buttons many many many moons ago. My love for earrings is mostly due to her creations. She changed direction for a while but will be making a comeback, hopefully soon. Keep a lookout here: https://juicybutton.com/
Tamba Naturals = Bath crayons. Now, these have won me the hearts of children because this is the best, fun gift to give out. And I want to say I think the parents love me a little more too since it makes bath time a little bit easier. Vimbai has dabbled in bag making, t-shirt designs, bath crayons, earrings and candles. I love her and her creative energy. Check out her latest creations here: https://tambanaturals.com/

Holistic May May
May May. What a journey we have been on. I’m thankful to have her in my life and I have loved watching her evolve from artistic entrepreneur to health and nutritionist coach. Learning more and more about who she is, I love her authenticity and her growth in confidence. She’s introduced me to healthy alternative eating, enjoyable smoothies and is a constant reminder to drink that water! I did her 6 week programme almost a year ago and benefited from learning about sugar and its effects. The best part for me is that it’s not a “throw everything out the window because it’s all bad” but rather a “replace or add where you can and when you’re comfortable to” programme. She has weekly videos and takes you through her own journey. Read her story here and how she can help you: https://www.holisticmaymay.com/

Light Up Within
Jean – my introduction to coaching. Thank you so much for the past couple of years, guiding and supporting me through many crazy ups and downs. My own journey to become a coach has only been made better with all the insights and growth I’ve personally had with you. I’m so excited for your new venture with a holistic retreat wellness centre and I cannot wait to experience the learning and self-care that will come from this. With your guidance, I’ve learnt to accept who I am, all of me, and to work with those areas I try to avoid in a gentle, supportive way. Here’s where you’ll find out more and how you could be supported too: https://www.lightupwithin.com/

Crystal Holistic Alternative Therapy (CHAT)
Charmaine – while I’ve grown emotionally and mentally through coaching, therapy, studies and self-reflection, Charmaine has supported me physically through the most incredibly healing massages and spiritually through a deep healing with Reiki. It motivated me to learn more about Reiki and even do a few courses so  I can understand the full benefits and it’s made me learn to be gentle and kinder to myself. I was not a massage fan, and used to only go for one if on holiday or because it was gifted. Charmaine’s massages however focus on healing and breathing and she’s highly intuitive. She provides me with a strong reminder that life is just this, life. Don’t take it too seriously. Check out her different offerings here: https://m.facebook.com/CHATwithcharmaine/ If you’re not on FB, you can contact her on (+27) 65 980 3030.

While I don’t believe in perfection and avoid putting people on pedestals, I do believe we all have met a few individuals in our lives that affect us in a positive way. I’ve benefitted from these individuals and what they’ve offered and I hope it helps you too.

4 thoughts on “A little support for those who have supported me.

  1. Charmaine Moodley says

    Ah! D.
    My favourite person.
    Crossing paths with you has been a gift I hold close to my heart. Your place in this world, in aiding to the betterment of it, is clearly seen by the hearts you touch. I am profoundly fortunate to know you and have that beautiful relationship with you on this present journey. You are the soul I wish to see in every journey that follows. My humble gratitude to an Angel as yourself.
    Love and Light – Today, Tomorrow and all of the days to follow.❤️🙏🏽❤️

  2. Jean says

    What a gift it has been to walk alongside your journey with you, Dhiya. Thank you for being committed to your path and for inspiring so many along the way.

    I am so grateful for this kindness and support in this post. It’s so deep and I honour you.

    Love and light always

    Jean x


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