2021: I sit in gratitude.

Last week was my last blog for the year and earlier this week I had a bit of time to reflect on the year that’s passed because it’s December and end of year things and all that.

On reflection and in me trying to journal (still not great at it on the daily), I just wanted to sit in gratitude. And truly sit in gratitude. I’ve learned a lot about life, myself and people in the last 24 months.

Here’s some quotes that summarise my learnings:

  1. “We must try not to damage ourselves unnecessarily by trying to force a movement to happen before its time.” – Mark Nepo

I’m learning more and more the balance between when action is in flow compared to when it is forced. Everything does happen in its own time. Trust your gut.

2. “When you finally learn that a person’s behavior has more to do with their own internal struggle than you, you learn grace.” – Allison Aars

When I’m triggered by someone’s behavior, I find an ear to help listen to my thought process and untangle my brain’s wiring. I’ve learned to acknowledge my own behaviour and that I’ve been in bad (head) spaces before and when my behaviour towards loved ones and others has been one of annoyance or envy or lack of love. When I feel these things from loved ones or others, I’m accepting that everyone goes through ebbs and flows; phases of love or lack of love. It’s less about you. More about them and where they’re at. Don’t take it personally. If you triggered, process it, talk about it, learn through it. And then let it go. People will come in and out of your life as you change and grow through your phases, and as they change and grow through their phases.

3. “Our recourse to complacency and unhappiness is not to hunt for bigger game or to hide our deepest hurts. Nor is it to move our inner furniture to another town or bedroom. Our greatest chance to change our life is to close our habits of mind and to open our ever-virgin hearts.” – Robert Mason

Stop hiding. Stop denying. Stop being who you are not. But also remember that you change as you live and learn. Embrace it all. Who you are, who you were, who you are going to be. You’ll be brilliant on some days, a total dumb-a** on others and brilliantly ridiculous on the rest. Learn and love all of it.

Thank you for subscribing, reading, commenting, sharing and appreciating what I share. It’s been a vulnerable year and I’ve been grateful for all the ups and all the downs (they’re learnings remember…)

Most importantly, thank you for all the LOVE.

I sit in gratitude.

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