One new discovery and a bit of the same and nothing done.

The month of April is over. And while it means 4 months are over and still lots to do, April was intense so there’s a bit of relief here. The best part is I got to tick a couple of things off, yay!

The second book is…one third finished. I say no more on this item.

I did however witness my first sunrise for the year, while doing a 5km because I was late to do the 10km. I didn’t mind at all, I managed to spend time with my people who did the 5km too and we had fun laughing and chatting and motivating each other a long the way. And I saw my first sunrise of seven. It does mean I didn’t complete a 10km this month, but since this is my own timeline and my own list, I’m learning it’s in my control and choice.

Floatation therapy! This was an item I’ve been looking forward to experiencing. Having read up on it and tried a spa version (which is an entirely different type of experience) I felt more than ready to try the real deal.

It was supposed to be one session and it was so good, it became two. I received a voucher as a birthday gift and of course waited until it was close to expiry to book. Floatation therapy involves lying in a pod kind of setup, filled with water and epsom salts so you float without trying. Lights off, no sound, complete darkness, eyes closed, body relaxed, it quite possibly is the best 30 minutes I could spend in some form of relaxation. When the session was finished, my mind was clear and my body calm; the burnt out feeling completely disappeared. My mind in its most relaxed state does seem hyper energised and on the go (imagine energiser bunny) but my body is fully shut down, slow paced with the earth kind of vibe (imagine the turtles in Finding Nemo). With these two versions in a relaxed state, I learnt what getting things done at a glacial slow pace meant. What a new wavelength experience for me. This was a great discovery, so here’s excitement to trying something new and loving it!

A couple of other items were canceled or moved so the busy April month had very little to do with reducing items on my list while I head towards the fourth decade. I had an outing postponed, an appointment moved out and I once again didn’t make a phone call to make a booking…oops. Here’s to the May challenge. Haha.

Trying to get into a momentum with this list of various items is probably the most difficult aspect of this kind of challenge, especially given the variety. It has been fun while I keep trying to adjust and see what will feed my soul for the month. It reinforced what I think we know but sometimes take for granted…the recipe of spending time with loved ones, appreciating the sunrises and trying new experiences.