Life. Insight. Transformation. These are the words that remind me of my purpose.

My coaching is focused on personal development and energy healing. I imagine you saying, “Say what?”

I discovered coaching because I wanted to understand people and myself on a deeper and different level and completed a Post-graduate Diploma in Coaching (I am currently a member of the International Coaching Federation and Coaches and Mentors of South Africa). I wanted to move away from judgement as being my first thought process and learn how each person lives a different life and makes the choices they do. Learning that my logical thought process does not mean I do not have emotions but just express them in an unconventional way (when I do express them) was a win for me; a reinforcement that I’m a human being, not a machine.

Energy healing is a discovery I made that has helped me physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I learnt about Reiki when a friend excitedly told me it’s something I may love and she was right. A few years later and here I am as a qualified Reiki practitioner, still learning new ways of understanding our energy from various cultures and traditions.

I combined my coaching with energy healing and believe that an all round view of ourselves is what will help us get to our purpose. We all have a different way of living; of gaining insight and transforming towards ourselves.

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