Still a list of 40 to do.

I think the title summarises the progress made in March. Maybe a little too well. Was progress made? A definite yes. Can we see it? Not yet.

Sooo…how is this progress if it cannot be seen or isn’t tangible or cannot be scratched off my list? Yes, my list. The list.

Because I’ve not rushed. I’ve taken my time. I’ve been doing research and making appointments and I have worked on a few of those items that require a more than once off occurrence. This is not some instant gratification or rewards system. This is not a competition. This is something I created for myself, for me to learn to get out of my comfort zone, to appreciate why I’m doing something, to truly delve into the depths of each item on that list. And it’s a list I made. My choices. Even the adminny items. Because isn’t that life? A mixture of doing things we know are good for us, but we avoid anyway and doing things that are not so good for us but are just too much fun to ignore. I got it all in there!

My round up for March – I finally finished my first book for the year. It was “The power is within you” by Louise Hay. Normally I find these types of books quick and light and easy reading. But let’s be real, the pace of 2023 seems to have continued into the first three months of 2024. After making a book pile, I chose my second read and am already a quarter way through. It is 400 pages…

I also finished my second 10 kilometer run, which was better than my first. Well, the first 8kms anyway. The weather was cool, the pace consistent and the support of the people who join in with my crazy ideas like getting a 4 year old to be excited to join a run at 6am, too full of love. Memories have been made. And now I look even more forward to the third run which has been booked and paid for.

Second hike done. Tick. Eight more to go. Appointments made for April on an activity I’ve never done before. And it took me three months to make the call…because I am almost 40 but still hate speaking to unknown people on the phone. Introvert much. I made at least 9 different reminders that kept being moved to make the call. The joke was on me though because the call lasted 2 minutes and all correspondence thereafter was via messages.

So, still 40 items on the list. But every month I’m closer to getting one off. As I go through them, the goal is shifting, ever so slightly. There seems to be a lot of excitement in having made the appointments, creating the memories and enjoying the company. I do need to make at least 4 calls (gulp) and the coaxing to get someone else to make a call on my behalf to make an appointment hasn’t worked. Damnit. Maybe I’ll make 1 more call next month. I mean, not all 4 have to be done at once. Right?