The Archives.


  1. The beginning of 40 before 40.
  2. Still a list of 40 to do.
  3. One new discovery and a bit of the same and nothing done.


  1. When an introvert’s desire to learn is larger than the desire to avoid.
  2. For the love of Sports, and the hate of disappointment.
  3. The voice finally ushers through, in unexpected ways.
  4. Small changes. Big effects.
  5. Being your best at your own rate of change.
  6. Being heard. Then being understood. Then being human.
  7. The unconscious conflict of goals, patterns and routine.
  8. Failure allows for the best rebooting.


  1. The magic of pause.
  2. We do not need to wait for something to go wrong to change.
  3. Lift the blinds and open the window. Let the fly out.
  4. When a habit requires willpower and you’re unwilling.
  5. When I didn’t want to self-care.
  6. When life catches up with you.
  7. Nothing is a waste of time.
  8. Each life is a language no one knows.
  9. It’s not about the pose, it’s the approach.
  10. The problem with always being prepared.
  11. The Dead Spot.
  12. Bookworm Edition: Zero to anywhere.
  13. I am letting go of my desire for permanence.


  1. 2021: I sit in gratitude.
  2. I’m leaving the safety of my shadows for the sunshine.
  3. You won’t always be heard, but that’s a good thing.
  4. Read this if you still struggle with opening up to others
  5. The roots of safety.
  6. Talk Impact: Lessons learned from spaghetti sauces.
  7. The end of hibernation.
  8. Today I am inviting more soulful conversations into my life.
  9. Talk Impact: Changing your behaviour for the better.
  10. Here’s why you actually shouldn’t do the things that scare you.
  11. I Am Slowly Reconnecting With The Fire Of The Feminine
  12. Bookworm Edition: You have to be ready.
  13. Don’t forget to breathe.
  14. It’s the “What Ifs” that hold you back.
  15. Bookworm Edition: How complicated can it be?
  16. When change is really the only constant.
  17. Talk Impact: Forgetting is normal, yay!
  18. When the brain is feeling fuzzy, and I don’t mean in that warm and fuzzy way of feeling.
  19. Sorry for being sorry.. .oops, I mean not sorry.
  20. The importance of the past.
  21. Bookworm Edition: The Soul of Poetry.
  22. The greatest gift we could ever give our children.
  23. What we think of the unchosen option.
  24. Talk Impact: Growing from the mud.
  25. Big goals mean small habits.
  26. The burden of Toxicity.
  27. Bookworm Edition: Not wise enough.
  28. Talk Impact: Are you a time-poor person?
  29. If. Only.
  30. Falling for Tugela.
  31. Bookworm Edition: The Wind-Up Novel
  32. Talk Impact: Are you a Master Procrastinator?
  33. A little support for those who have supported me.
  34. Step into the distance.
  35. Bookworm Edition: The voices in our heads and the power it holds.
  36. Short word, hard lesson.


  1. Decluttering life.
  2. Bookworm Edition: Are you sure in what you believe?
  3. What is trapped inside you?
  4. Talk Impact: Can we really trust our intuition all the time?
  5. Bookworm Edition: Mastery of Intent.
  6. Small acts. Big impact.
  7. Talk Impact: Self-sabotage is a thing.
  8. Barricading in what needs to be let out.
  9. Bookworm Edition: Who are the real prisoners?
  10. Talk Impact: 10 minutes doing nothing makes all the difference.
  11. Get some rest. Real rest.
  12. Bookworm Edition: From good girl to misbehaved woman.
  13. The fight isn’t over.
  14. Talk Impact: Love…an identity crisis.
  15. What type of travel bug have you been bitten by?
  16. Bookworm Edition: A Suitable Book
  17. My story of rejection and road to self-acceptance.
  18. Talk Impact: Before we die.
  19. Self-care tips that have helped me.
  20. Why working with our shadows can help us understand ourselves.
  21. Bookworm Edition: Remember being human.
  22. Wow, I need a list.
  23. Talk Impact: What you need for true happiness.
  24. The joys of assumptions.
  25. Bookworm Edition: Don’t worry it’s a generation thing.
  26. Let your inner child play.
  27. Talk Impact: What makes you mad, really?
  28. The learnings from a 3 year old.
  29. Quiet heart of optimism.
  30. Who is your everybody?
  31. P.A.T.I.E.N.C.E.
  32. Preparation for self-isolation by an introvert.
  33. Another step.
  34. Admitting to ignorance.
  35. Our imagined freedom.
  36. When you’re in the flow.
  37. Some recommendations.
  38. Havana-ooh-na-na.
  39. It’s January and I’m already humbled.


  1. The year of purging.
  2. Be gentle with yourself
  3. To being changeable.
  4. Home is not a place.
  5. Stop taking what you take for granted and start making an effort.
  6. What kind of person have you decided to be today?
  7. Can you reject the bad without rejecting the good too?
  8. Be kind anyway.
  9. The soul lessons of people.
  10. Is there a point to positivity?
  11. What’s important to you?
  12. Don’t fool yourself, your Emotional intelligence can be improved upon.
  13. Dear Child.
  14. Beyond the mind.
  15. When your old coping mechanisms no longer serve you.
  16. The Power of Love.
  17. Be conscious of your thoughts.
  18. The Destruction of Self.
  19. Golden second chances.
  20. A letter of Reflection.
  21. When you quieten the ego and listen to the Soul.
  22. Raising.My.Vibrations.
  23. The Change Formula.
  24. Shh… It’s a No-No Topic.
  25. It’s hailing inside and out.
  26. Generosity in trust.
  27. What’s in a little hope and faith?
  28. Believe. Letting Go. Surrender.
  29. Just Ask.
  30. Where does real change come from?
  31. Saying Yes to Others.
  32. The Self-awareness of unconscious awareness.
  33. The company we keep.
  34. You are deserving.
  35. You are Enough.
  36. You can always learn new attitudes unless you think you can’t.
  37. The value of an apology.
  38. We are always safe.
  39. How is your old story holding you back?
  40. The Knowledge of Love.
  41. Who has your power?
  42. Releasing resentment.
  43. It is time.
  44. The worthiness and gift of accepting help and kindness.
  45. The Lifeline of Anger.
  46. Enough is enough.
  47. Getting out of my soul’s way.
  48. The odd problem I have.
  49. Lets live our truth for 2019.


  1. The pain that comes with growth.
  2. When Doing gets you no closer to Being.
  3. My Invitation to You.
  4. Sharing my island
  5. 100 steps back.
  6. How many disguises do you have?
  7. How do I get out of my own way?
  8. What is your ghost?
  9. The wisdom in surrendering.
  10. When we think we know, but we don’t really.
  11. The value-bility of time.
  12. In resistance we live.
  13. Accepting who you are is (insert profanity here) amazing!
  14. Your People are Your People.
  15. Don’t do tomorrow what you can do today.
  16. Do not underestimate the prep work required to do something good for you.
  17. Some plans are worth not being cancelled.
  18. Can you let someone else hold your questions?
  19. Be Brave, Bali!
  20. Keep your eyes on the pile of regrets in the corner, as it grows over time.
  21. Shifting from within comes from within.
  22. Not for everyone…maybe not right now.
  23. When life scares you into living.
  24. Ooohhh My Triggers! Hot, hot, hot.
  25. Life and those curveballs.
  26. 7 Reasons to try a 31 Day Vegan Challenge.
  27. Remembering what my voice sounds like.
  28. Numbing the pain and joy away.
  29. The test of 10 minutes of nature to kickstart ourselves.
  30. The Spices of Life.
  31. Becoming grey.
  32. Dead, Alive and the questions in between.
  33. I was angry until I remembered that miracles exist.
  34. The hypocrite in me.
  35. Brave Love.
  36. Come dance with me.
  37. The value of 20 minutes.
  38. Roadtripping with mockingbirds while learning to not give a f.


  1. My Best of 2017.
  2. The 3 lessons I learnt from coffee and sugar.
  3. How to love what you do – Life.
  4. the pain we should choose to love.
  5. Why all the rushing through everything?
  6. Would you allow me the space to fail?
  7. The Fabulous Book.
  8. My 5 Commitments for the months ahead.
  9. Being Brave.
  10. The Art of War with Children.
  11. Vietnam with Einstein, Eleanor and Vimbai.
  12. I had a conversation.
  13. How my soul died.
  14. My weight in my heart.
  15. Early morning; late night.
  16. One. Girl.
  17. Dear Home
  18. B…L…I…N…K
  19. The post of no sense.
  20. No longer a stranger to myself.
  21. The Sinner. The Believer. The Confused.
  22. Stuck inbetween.
  23. Thank you for this Blog and Thank you for You.


  1. The Pause for 2017.
  2. Birthday Reflections.
  3. Stop adulting. Start expecting.
  4. Learning to sit at the table.
  5. Why I’m here.
  6. Destroying selfishness by being selfishly happy.
  7. I run. So I can stop running away.
  8. Watching the stars disappear.
  9. My Verdict. 
  10. A Day With Bear.
  11. How to survive the shadows.
  12. Stepping out of my comfort zone.
  13. My year of reading dangerously.
  14. I believe in magic. 
  15. What language do you speak?
  16. Thank you 2015.


  1. Dear Facebook, I hope to not see much of you in the New Year.
  2. To value time and uncomfortable zones.
  3. For my love of music and memories.
  4. What my friends have done for me.
  5. The time I accepted who I am.
  6. Running away from the night.
  7. Be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.
  8. Dear Universe, this is what I want.
  9. When clarity is more of a quiet, nagging voice.
  10. When it’s easier to get into something.
  11. All overthinkers will understand this.
  12. Who is important to you?
  13. Man (or in this case, Woman) Down.
  14. That Wedding Ringer Quote.
  15. My Inner Voice.
  16. The opportunities of life.
  17. The existence of time.
  18. Imagine You 2.0.
  19. Why dreaming is always better than wishing.
  20. The plausible adult excuse.
  21. A year later, thank you!
  22. Will you go with the flow?
  23. Perfectly authentic.
  24. Who is your truth-teller?
  25. Good friends are hard to find.
  26. One of those days.
  27. What is your secret?
  28. I am the colour Orange.
  29. Foolish beliefs.
  30. A four letter word.
  31. Routine changed my mind.
  32. Let me have my bookworm moment.
  33. The choice to believe.
  34. Quitting? No, Letting Go.
  35. Time.
  36. Happiness for you.
  37. My complaint for the day.
  38. Me, myself and I. You, yourself and you.
  39. The look of calm.
  40. Safe risks.
  41. Are you adding value to your own life?


  1. What growing older means.
  2. Reflection.
  3. 7-S.
  4. Good people.
  5. PH.O.M.O.
  6. Everyone deserves their own island.
  7. Here today. Gone tomorrow.
  8. Head or heart. Thinking or feeling.
  9. Fear of failure and all that.
  10. Third time lucky.
  11. My first love.
  12. Not the V-word
  13. To some of the males in my life
  14. What type of gym-goer are you?
  15. A season? A Reason? A lifetime?
  16. What was wrong with my vision board?
  17. What do you allow to influence you?
  18. Do not wear big shoes
  19. Half a step this time
  20. Welcome to the thoughts in my head