Generally I like to have my posts done first thing in the morning however these past two Sundays have taught me the lesson of flexibility and so it is being done as the last thing before I sleep. It is also a lesson that rules change and since I am the one who sets the rules about these posts I can definitely change them!

Back to the note of flexibility I will also state that this is the last post for the year – I am expecting an enjoyable, inspiring, motivating December (it is my birthday month after all:)) so will also be taking a break from my butterfly dream. Besides, part of figuring it all out is taking breaks once in a while.

It’s been a very fast-paced year with too much happening all at once or nothing happening all together. With all the happenings from this year and looking through all the posts, the one thing I am ending it off with is appreciating friends and family. I am learning through quite a process that some friendships cannot be forced and you’ll know (really you will) that it’s okay to let them go. For no bad or good reason at all; just for the fact that the friendship is over. Then there are the ones that just get better every year; through all the fights and laughs and laughs and fights. Appreciate those and absorb every moment because you never know when it will end (the same goes for family here).

Every week I would wonder if I could keep up the weekly posts and what topics I would write about. Somehow, 4 months and 18 posts later it just keeps going – thank you to my friends and family who read these words and encourage me to continue (especially when I have no idea why)! Thank you to everyone who reads them (whether you let me know or not) – It really helps if you let me know though…hint hint (for those who do not get hints you can subscribe or comment at any time)!

Have a great month and I shall send more words your way on the 11th January 2015!

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