I recently read a book which discussed a theory about parallel universes and time not really existing. Yes, I’ll pause now while you re-read that sentence and try wrap your head around that concept like I did…

Still trying to understand the how? I’ll wait…

I’m not a scientist and the “how” isn’t really what I want to type about (although I’ll be doing more offline reading later). It’s more the “what” that comes to mind. Let’s say that it’s true. Time does not exist and there is a parallel universe (pause again while you all of sudden feel all your dreams come true…)

Do you think it would be better than the one you’re living in at the moment and if so, why? At first this question seems a bit arbitrary. You’re probably reading this and saying, “Of course it would be better. Imagine all the things I could do and the past that I could change or the things I could re-do, what kind of question is that!” But really think about it for a minute. If time doesn’t exist why can you not do all that now?

If this parallel universe exists why should it be different to your current universe and if anything, why would it necessarily be better than the one you’re living in now? Why wouldn’t your current universe be the better one? And here’s that main question again – what’s stopping you from doing it now?

Most people say the opportunity passed them by or they make excuses like they’re too old or life has already happened (wait, what?! Are you dead that life is not still happening?) I’m learning that we create our own opportunities and no one else will do it for us. We also impose our own time limitations. In most instances we use time limitations as motivation or goal-setting but if we do not use it in the right way then it becomes an excuse.

A simple scenario to illustrate what I mean: I’ve been studying towards a degree for 8 years. According to normal “time” I should have finished it in 5 years. I could have given up and said, “too much time has passed” or “there is no point” or before I even started I could have said, “5 years? That’s too long!” The point is that “time” passes anyway and we waste it with all the excuses we make. Yes, we cannot change the past but if you want something then time really would not exist for you. Whether it happens now or just now or just just now would not make a difference because you would be working towards what you want and all that matters is you having it at some point in time.

This can hold true not just for material items but for that career that you’ve been putting off, that relationship that you want or even that place that you want to visit one day.

Now… I’ll ask again, if time doesn’t exist what is stopping you from having all this?

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