Good friends are hard to find.

Friendships are important relationships in my life. I have few friends (apparently it’s a Capricorn thing). I’m not the type to be able to spend energy on every single soul that passes through my life. The friends I do have though; the ones I consider close; the ones I willingly spend time with (no matter what time it is – you know who you are) are special to me.

Friendships are not always fluffy, warm, cuddly moments. True, real friendships exist when friends see you when you do not want to be seen; when they understand your different moods and do not take it personally or when there is a level of comfort that allows for complete honesty. True friendships are tested by arguments; disagreements; distance, time and just general growing up.

Real friendships occur when they stay up keeping you company because insomnia kicked in or they come over to sleep because your place has just enough love in it for their comfort. No explanation needed, just a greeting and off to sleep. Real friendships are built on a deep understanding – these are the people you would “take to war with you.”

Good friends are indeed special and hard to find.

I have some of the most amazingly close friends – they love me unconditionally (well, they have no choice)! They do not know about every little detail in my life and I do not know about theirs; they do not know the ins and outs and sometimes it takes bad news to reconnect after months. But this all is inconsequential when the reconnection occurs – all else is secondary.

What they do know from the outset though is my quirky behaviour; my odd expressions of my emotions (when they happen) and what they deal with is someone who needs to ask a million questions to understand something; someone who will ask for advise and most likely not take it and someone who loves them unconditionally.

11 months ago I lost a friend; someone who made sure I always received a visit before they returned to their studies; someone who made me listen to them learning to play the guitar through sound clips; someone who remembered my birthday every single year without fail; someone who even when we started working reminded me that conspiracies exist and someone who shared their stories with me as the years passed. Losing a friend unexpectedly is a strange experience – it kicks in a realisation that friendships can disappear at any moment, either through fate or in most cases, through neglect because we become lazy. We think our partner (for those in relationships) will fill all the friendship roles and we lose sight of the importance of friends.

It is therefore important to appreciate all the friends we do have with us – may every moment we share (albeit in person or otherwise) be unique and engraved in our memories and may we always be able to count on one another. May we make the effort to keep in touch so if either of us disappears we can enjoy a moment of happiness knowing that our friendship was complete and nothing more was needed.

Wishing You Much Love, Health, Wealth and Happiness.

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