A year later, thank you!

A year ago, this month, I did something I never thought I could do – I started sharing my thoughts on a blog. It has been an incredible journey and I have learnt so much about how other people think, behave and also about my self-imposed limitations. It has been a very vulnerable and humbling experience and has affected the way I think in everyday life. Trusting people with your thoughts requires a very scary leap of faith. I can only hope that it has helped at least one person stretch themselves and start a journey towards their own passion and goals.

It has also been quite a year with many, many changes. I have had some amazing moments and some not so amazing moments and through both I’ve learnt a lot about myself. Maybe turning 30 had something to do with it too;-) I also have a better understanding of what I want to accomplish in my life and where I want to be. I re-read my first blog and I feel like I have grown so much since then – a year really can bring so much change.

On this note, I would like to thank you for sharing your ideas through your comments and also for reading these stories and for entertaining my thoughts and ideas with each post. For people to give their time to me is the most precious gift so thank you again:-)

It isn’t a weekly post anymore but it will continue!

I wish you much love, health and wealth in your pursuit of happiness – thank you!

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