Why dreaming is always better than wishing.

I recently read an article about 5 regrets from people on their deathbeds and I found that I could relate to each point in some way or another. Moving away from the morbid thought of regret and death it led me to think about this in another way: “If today was your last day what would you do?” And taking it further why not do it now?

Yes, I know that we all have bills to pay, responsiblities, careers; basically we are all living lives that we do not believe we have full control over. But this should not stop us from having dreams and plans to ensure that when we do have our last day we do not have any regrets. One example of this is my dream of travelling. Every year one of my resolutions is to save enough to travel to another country and every year some emergency payment needs to be made and travelling takes second priority. BUT this does not stop me from continuously trying and I will continue trying (especially since there are so many countries to visit it will be an annual resolution).

At the same time though, with dreams and plans, one should have deadlines to ensure they do not just become wishes and we live off wishful thinking. And what happens when the deadline arrives? Well, if it is still something you would do on your final day then do not just create a new deadline; reflect on why you have not done it yet and try a new method or way.

The great thing about asking yourself this question is that it not only allows you to think without limits but it does not have any barriers in terms of what you want. Your goals or dreams might be to spend more time with your families or friends or it might be to more expressive or it might be to build your career. The answer is yours and yours alone and no one has a say in it. You may have one dream in each area of your life or you may have none but that is up to you. It allows you to reflect on who, where and how you are today and who, where and how you want to be tomorrow.

If you ask yourself that question every day and answer it with actions, then maybe, just maybe, when it is your final day you would have nothing to regret.

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