All overthinkers will understand this.

I was reading an article the other day which was debating the idea that overthinkers are likely to be creative geniuses. Yes. That’s what the study was about. Now let’s break this idea down, shall we? I know I’m an overthinker. A processor. The type of person who Ā generates the true response to a spontaneous argument two days later and then thinks about why it took so long. If you want quick-witted don’t come to me. If you want all types of scenarios about what could go right or wrong if you change jobs or move cities or any other random dilemma you facing, talk to me.

I digress…back to the point of this. For years I always wanted to be less of an overthinker. I wanted to be able to take more risks or live in the moment but it seldom truely happens. I’ve accepted being an overthinker but I am definitely not a genius. Let alone a creative genius. The only creative aspect of my life is this blog and whether it’s a genius idea to discuss your reasonably innermost thoughts is debatable. So why do people overthink? Is it driven by doubt; the controlling need for perfection at all times or the fear that if all options were not properly thought through something big could go wrong? And then regardless of the answer to “Why” is it really such a bad thing?

If the article is to be believed then no, it’s not always bad especially if you find solutions to problems people didn’t even know they had (yet) plus your imagination stays relatively active. What’s the downside? Insomnia possibly. And dependant on how much self control you have, maybe paranoia or irrational behaviour but these last two are highly unlikely because you would have thought through that behaviour and it would have been a bad idea so you wouldn’t have chosen that option.

So if you can relate to any of this, I hope you have a good sleep tonight:-)

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