Dear Universe, this is what I want.

Dear Universe,

I want a Boxer puppy and maybe a Frenchie and a Labrador. I want a reasonably sized home with an over sized garden with grass that I can lay on and either read a book or look at the stars at night. I want to travel to a different country every year. I want people in my life who will do what they say so that I can have high expectations. I want people whom I don’t have to lie to and can be honest with and people who don’t have to lie to me. I want passion, fun and calmness all at once. I want to be in nature at least once a month, if not every week so I can appreciate what a miracle world we have. I want phone calls instead of messages and wow, do I really miss letter writing. I want to dance in the kitchen and make supper for friends who visit and wash dishes with music playing loudly. I want to learn something new everyday, be able to remember names of people I meet and remember their stories so they feel special when I meet them again and ask about their lives. I want to face my fears and when I’ve faced them all I want to face them all over again so I can appreciate the life I have. I want to be with people who will dance with me on the dancefloor to random music and not care what we are doing. I want to laugh everyday at some silliness. I want my inner child to be seen more. I want to be the first and I want to be the last. I do not want second. I do not want middle.

I want love, life and laughter.

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