Thank You 2015.

I wanted to start 2016 with gratitude, not resolutions, for a lot that happened in 2015. I have a year’s break from studying which means I get to do everything I’ve been putting off for 8 years. In reality this translates to meaning that the goals list is super lengthy for the year ahead. It therefore seems appropriate to start the New Year with appreciation for the one just passed to start on a good note.

Let’s begin:

I Am Thankful For:

1. Entering 2015 and now 2016 with family and friends – new and old.
2. The WhatsApp call option – so much happier to hear voices than see words typed and thank you to my friends who use it. No matter where they are.
3. The holiday I had in January with special ones – we saved a year for it. Snakes. Sand. Relaxation. Memories.
4. The discovery of friends I didn’t realise I could count on so much. Every. Single. Time.
5. The delicious books I enjoyed reading – life lessons in there I tell you.
6. The person who motivated me to drink a litre of water before leaving the house every morning. My body appreciates it.
7. Finishing my second degree. Can anyone say “Lawyer???”
8. Completing my second warrior race. Mud. Height fear faced. Fitness Freak.
9. Understanding that I cannot always be in control of everything. I’m still learning to trust the process – everyday.
10. Completing my first 10 kilometre run – 21km here I come!
11. Having some difficult months and for my parents and friends dealing with me – So Much Love.
12. Having dreams and goals. Dream. Goal. Achieve.
13. Creating special moments and memories with awesome people. Because you cannot make enough.
14. Accepting my introverted and loner ways. Being normal is boring.
15. Being able to visit friends and family to join in celebrations – to many more birthdays! 30ths and 50ths alike!
16. The challenges and situations I was placed in which tested my limits and made me somewhat stronger.
17. Seeing a group perform in concert again, almost 20 years after seeing them perform at my first concert attendance. Yes, I said 20 years ago.
18. Those in my life who help me be and stay as honest as possible, as hard as it is.
19. Having an adventurous side and being a little bit more of a risk-taker. It makes life interesting.
20. The lunches-turned-suppers with friends. Bonding for Life!
21. Showing me that yes, life is hard at times but Life Really Does Love Me.
22. Learning to make smoke circles even though I don’t smoke. It’s called a party trick.
23. Hiking and appreciating how beautiful the place I live in is. Nature Freak.
24. My role at work and for having a job I really do enjoy.
25. All the love in my life and all the love I am able to give and receive.
26. Watching Bajirao Mastani. It restored my faith in Bollywood and makes me proud of my Indian heritage. If only we all took our time to make things – we could all make masterpieces.
27. Being relentless with attempts to get out of bed at 5am. I shall conquer the 5am club!
28. How easy it is to keep in touch with so many loved ones so far away. Modern technology. Make an effort.
29. A New Year – I learnt a lot in 2015 but it’s time to shut this door.
30. The continuous ability to blog and for all those who read it. Too Much Appreciation.

Here’s to 2016. May it go slow enough for us to make wonderful memories, spend time with those we love and do work with a passion!

4 thoughts on “Thank You 2015.

  1. Denzil says

    My fav of all your posts so far! I’m motivated! Miss you and belated happy birthday (couldn’t write on your FB wall for some reason)

  2. Silindile says

    Mmmh…I can make resolutions out of your thank yous…1L of water and 5am club to start with. And thank you for reminding us that we have so much to be thankful for. Here’s to 2016!

    1. My Butterfly Dream says

      2015 had a lot of good things happen but it was just draining. I’m really looking forward to 2016. Good luck with the 2 resolutions… You should expect some calls then.


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