A Day With Bear.

I thought I’d try something different from fiction so I moved to a book written by an interesting author. I read B.Grylls, “A survival guide for life.” A quick, easy read which took a day. The lessons picked up, if put in practice, can do each of us a world of good. Every few pages had a different tip and 75 tips later I picked a few that stood out for me. After reading this, it’s easy to understand why his first name is “Bear.” (Spoiler Alert: below are tips from his book).

Let’s begin shall we?

1. Ask yourself what you would do if you didn’t need the money; what really excites you; what would inspire you. If you find those answers, you found your dream – page 16.

2. Give more when others give up. That little bit extra will help in reaching your sunmit – page 46. This is a hard one to follow but worth it.

3. Storms come to make us stronger – page 52. They really do.

4. “Paddle your own canoe.” Get rid of the expectation that someone else will step in to solve the issues. “When no one is coming to the rescue, it’s down to you to sort things out. You are your own rescue.” – page 79. One of my favourite favourites.

5. Don’t fight against that inner voice if it is speaking loudly to you. It is there to guide and protect you. Instinct doesn’t always tell us to choose the easier path, but it will guide you towards the right one – page 118. Okay, this is actually my favourite favourite.

6. Laugh at yourself – page 128. I do this All. The. Time. Especially when I’m tripping upstairs (Yes, it’s possible).

7. Always be kind. It’s inspiring, motivating and creates a strong, tight team – page 149.

8. Great wealth doesn’t make you rich unless you do great things with it – page 156.

9. Stop trying. Endeavour. “Trying” makes it sound like you’re not making much effort. Endeavour makes it more of a willingness, with an ability to see things through to the end – page 163. Guilty of using this word. The guilt stops here.

10. “Our words become our attitudes and our attitudes become our life” – page 165. Life lesson NB.

11. “A good friend walks in when the rest of the world walks out…Ultimately, life is about relationships, and relationships thrive when we show loyalty.” – page 201. For an introvert even I accept that having others in your life is important. Purposeful. Meaningful.

12. “Tentative is no power.” You have to go for it – All In. Heart and Soul. 100 percent – page 215.

13. Don’t dwell on mistakes, they’re there for learning. Look objectively. Learn humbly. Smile positively. Then move on, wiser and smarter than before – page 229.

14. When you’re going through hell, keep going…Just Keep Going. JKG – page 263. I think I found my new favourite.

15. Being thankful almost always makes you feel better – page 273.

16. Be the Calm in the Storm – page 281. My. New. Goal.

And finally, ending with the one that hit home the most:

17. We are all a little broken and sometimes it’s the broken-ness that gives us fire. “But it is when we know our need to change that we can finally begin to grow” – page 284.

All tips taken from: “A survival guide for life” – B. Grylls. 2012 Edition.

3 thoughts on “A Day With Bear.

  1. Nozipho says


    I love 12 and 13.

    12. All in. Heart and Soul. 100%. We have to stop half-assing life, 1 foot in and 1 out. There is a satisfaction that comes with knowing that you have given something everything you have.

    13. My ‘coach’ at work says “Sometimes you win, sometimes you LEARN” Mistakes are lessons and opportunities for us to do better in the future.


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