Dear Home

Dear Home,

Yes, I say Home because it’s taken a week like the one we’ve just experienced for me to realise that this is my home. I want to stay here, I want to live here and I want to continue building a future here. I want to travel the world and know that this is the place I’ll be returning to each time. So Dear Beloved Country, you are my home.

There are so many things to still love about you even during this time of anxiety. The beautiful sunsets that I have the pleasure of witnessing every evening with the deep red mixing into the oranges and yellows; the natural beauty mother nature provided you with together with the blessed weather; the lively and entertaining different cultures and accents I experience everyday. The joy and hope I have when people share their past experiences and yet still have hope.

While we are inundated with negativity during this time, let us try to remember that in every situation there’s always opportunities. Opportunities to unite as one nation; one true rainbow nation. Opportunities to make our parents proud for acknowledging the struggles and separations they had and learning from their experiences so we can move forward as one, united front. Opportunities to channel our anger or anxiety in a positive spirit because if one suffers, we all suffer.

It is only through adversity do we understand our own strength. Now is the time that we need to find that inner strength, accept our fears and step up to the challenge. I love my home and this is where I want to be, and together we’ll find a way.

Love, Peace and Light.

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