The Art of War with Children.

Another trip a day after the last one ended… I know – I’m extremely lucky! I swapped my previous companions for some new ones as well as swapped the beach for a dam, an aeroplane for my magical car (that’s right; magical because it turned into a black hole and fit tents, gazebos, food, chairs, clothes and not to mention people) and lastly swapped a hotel for polyester sheets (i.e. tents). The reason: My big brother’s birthday!

After the polyester/cotton (I googled and yes tents are made from cotton) sheets were constructed I received a new mission: win over one of the children who wouldn’t talk to me.

Challenge accepted. I had 48 hours and counting. So far, this Little Person was winning.

By the first evening I had infiltrated the children’s game by joining in and hiding the glow-sticks (good buy May May)! with them and by the time bedtime rolled around I was one step closer. Night one down, another to go.

Bonus: I was sleeping in the biggest tent since some rooms (yes, these polycotton homes have rooms) were converted into the kitchen and change room (at some point also a second bedroom)… this monster green home attracted the little ones at 8 in the morning and I was woken up to being told by the 2 cutest (those giggles and smile super powers could be used for good or evil I tell you) outspoken ring leaders (mentioned as CK going forward) to get up and “if I get clean, breakfast will be ready I think” (I think changed to I know when it didn’t look like I was moving anywhere). Okay okay, I’m up.

Clean (scent approved as I earned the name Aunty Pancakes), fed (me, not the children), now playtime (again me, not the children). Time to learn a strategic card game (no, this one was being taught to me by a 29 year old) which involved an extreme stretch of my imagination, creatures, land and sorcery. Of course I was in. Teach me. We had some adult overseers who were observing how badly I was losing but they would come and go…then the army of children led by generals CK arrived with a completely different strategy which we were not privy to…one card taken away turned into all cards being taken away turned into loss of dice turned into…where were we again?
As the saying goes – if you can’t beat them join them. We gave up on the cards (thankfully since I was losing) and proceeded to turn their chaos into a new game…ooohhh… I think we just fell for their strategy.

Nighttime arrived and with the children asleep I found a new toy in throwing glow-sticks into the fire (do not try this at home) but this didn’t last long.
Unsure of how else to make myself useful at these events I went to sleep. The day ended well I believe, a step closer to accomplishing my mission. Aunty Pancakes 1 – Children 1.

The last day started off adulting by packing the makeshift homes and other goodies into my magical car.

Then it happened…

Little Person: Where is your dad?
Me: He is at home.
Little Person: Oh. So do you have a car?
Me: Yes I do. Why?
Little Person: Confused look. Ends conversation with a nod of dismissal.

10 minutes later.

Little person returns: Do you drive?
Me: Yes.
Little person: Is that your car?
Me: Yes.
Little person (rather loudly and even more confused): How big are you?!
Me: No words…
My infiltration of winning over Little Person ended up with me seemingly being one of them.

And while I pick up my pride by convincing myself that I won the challenge, I’m even more convinced children have even stronger super powers of turning adults into children…and we have to love them for it.

Aunty Pancakes 1 – Children 100.


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    1. My Butterfly Dream says

      Ah! I accept just because pancakes smell so good; it can only be an honour to be called that 😀


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