Come dance with me.

This weekend I went out to support someone discover their new path of dj-ing. The make-shift dance floor was occupied by two females going crazy (said in the most positive way possible). One of the females had left her table of friends and had been on the dance floor alone for a while.

As I observed her joy I glanced at her table and felt like I had entered an alternate Universe. Her friends, about 5 of them, looked absolutely bored out of their minds. They watched her with no expression and barely spoke to one another. You would have thought they had being dragged there against their free will.

Now maybe this is how they were having fun or maybe they were relaxed and not the dancing type – many random observations could be made but it looked so opposite to this dancing female having the time of her life. She looked like she was free; carefree and stress-free.

Most of my life I’ve been trying to find a way to deal with anxiety and stress. The anxiety of being a people-pleaser in my adult life as well as the general stress of being a human in today’s world. I exercise, meditate and read. But all I’ve ever wanted to do was dance. Not professionally. No. I’ve never wanted to be a ballroom dancer or ballerina. But I’ve always wanted the freedom to dance. Anywhere where there was my kind of music really. Unfortunately I’ve been a wallflower most of my life. Too concerned about how ridiculous I’d look; how imperfect my dancing is (I even took a ballroom dancing class in university for a year); or how often my partner would laugh at my side to side movement.

Recently though I’ve discovered the joy of not caring about what others think when I dance (maybe it’s old age or maturity) and caring more about loving dancing as a release.

How did I discover this?

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity of going out dancing for two nights in a row. And on both nights I left only when I the place closed (around 3 in the morning). On the Sunday I was tired but free of stress. The music was good (a key point to note; it is harder if you are listening to music that is not of your taste); and I was having too much fun. I barely sat and didn’t care to.

And as I observed someone this weekend in complete freedom, I realised how much I enjoyed that release too just a few weeks before. Not an escape from anything but a complete release from all of the unnecessary stress we deal with. I let go of so much that I am able to deal with more now.

I’m thankful for the change in the way I care less about what others think and more about my feeling of freedom.

Try it for yourself. In your living room. In your bedroom. Anywhere you care to.

And while you at it, do you care to dance with me?


2 thoughts on “Come dance with me.

  1. Trisha says

    Be brave and step out of the box that society has created. Not worrying about what everyone thinks about is you is liberating. Be brave.


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