Don’t do tomorrow what you can do today.

“Don’t do tomorrow what you can do today.”

How often do I hear these words and ignore their meaning? Answer: Most days.

How often have you known about an assignment a month in advance and only start it the night before?…for me it would be the day the assignment is due. Or how often do you need to complete a task at work; lucky you a meeting is cancelled which allows you enough time to complete it and somehow you manage to use that time arbitrarily avoiding the inevitable? That’s me on most days.

I try to convince myself that I work well or better under pressure; that the reason why I procrastinate is because it’s when I’m most creative (insert all research that states procrastination is best for creativity here). But the real reason is pure laziness. Did I admit that openly? Seems like I did. Yes, it’s because I sometimes convince myself  that I can control everything and that even time is in my control therefore I live along the lines of “Don’t do today what you can do tomorrow.” (Insert all the research that proves this is the worst advice possible).

Evidence: I had a busy Tuesday. Meetings from 8 in the morning until the end of the day. I had time on Monday to complete a task that had a deadline (i.e. Tuesday). I somehow convinced myself that I could get to work tremendously early to get this task completed (insert all research that proves how incredibly powerful our minds are here). Did I get to work early? No. Did I have a good reason? Yes. External factors were not in my control apparently and due to traffic delays I actually was 2 hours late (insert all profanity possible here). I was frustrated. Angry and felt incredibly silly for not just doing what I could yesterday.

Why should we then follow the wise words of completing what we can today, and not put it off for tomorrow?

It would help with dealing with crises in a more sane manner. Imagine if I had completed the task on Monday? I would have been a lot calmer to myself and those around me.

It would definitely help with feeling like you can be capable of adulting – imagine living a life where you’re always prepared, on time and reliable…and the best part is not as stressed!

When to begin is the question? And if reading this had any effect on you then “How about now” would be the appropriate answer.



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