The wisdom in surrendering.

“Surrender means to give up. Relinquish. Abandon. To wave the white flag. What a beautifully divine word. A word we should choose at every chance we get for as the story goes we are not in control.” – Sarah Blondin.

The lingering temptation to surrender can be in sight but not in grasp.
The needing to give up control that we’ve never actually had but constantly fight for.
The idea that our lives would flow with grace and tenderness more if we just surrendered seems too simple. Too easy. Isn’t life supposed to be a struggle? A daily fight that makes us feel like we’ve reached some accomplishment at the end of each battle? Scars created after each war we’ve taken part in that we can show off and remind us of the hard times we’ve overcome.

What if we didn’t need this control? This battle? This war? What if we just waved the white flag and surrendered to knowing we aren’t in control? If we gave into the temptation always there; accepting that this life we’re living is the way it’s supposed to be.

Learning to surrender allows us to appreciate life as is. Giving in to knowing we are not in control; feeling as is; accepting the present wholeheartedly.

Living our present life; surrendering our all allows us to live in the moment without thinking of our worries. Without trying to control that which is not in our control. Learning to surrender allows us to let go of our worries and fears. And the less focused we are on those the more reassured we become about the life we are currently living.

We are not in control. And to remember this is what reminds us to surrender. To give in to the temptation to enjoy what is as it is and to not have concerns of what’s next.

Learning to surrender brings the peace we all search for.

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