How is your old story holding you back?

Often we cling to our old stories; stories from our past, from our childhoods that we use to define us. They give us comfort. They give us a sense of identity. They are our knowns. We use them to create our future.
We start believing that we are our old stories; that we cannot go beyond them; that they are such a big part of us that they are us.

“I’ve always been cheeky.”
“I was always terrible at speaking up when I was younger.”
“I failed maths in school so I’m not good at numbers.”
“I’ve never been good at sports.”
“I had a terrible childhood.”
“My parents didn’t give me enough attention.”
“I’m not a nice person.”
“I’m not as important as everyone else.”
“I’ve always burdened myself in this way.”
” I am unloveable.”
“I’ve always been this way.”

These are all old stories. They hold us back, shaping our current thoughts because we’re unwilling to let go of them. We lean on them and into them; and constantly use them as defensives to block the unknown.

We are unwilling to recognise that our stories are not supposed to be rigid and if we want to live fully we need to adapt and change and allow our stories to adapt and change. Instead we fear the unknown and get held back by what we believe is the truth. In reality however it’s our perception that has become our truth.

Let go.
You can change.
You are supposed to change.
You do not have to live in that cycle anymore.

We should view our old stories as lessons that helped us grow, adapt and become who we want to be. They are not supposed to be final. They are not supposed to define us now. They shouldn’t be our reasons, our excuses for never changing. Never becoming better.

“I’m no longer cheeky.”
“I’ve learnt to speak up.”
“I’ve become good at maths.”
“I am good at a sport.”
“I learnt a lot in my childhood.”
“I give myself enough attention.”
“I am a nice person now.”
“I am as important as everyone else.”
“I’m good at boundaries now.”
“I am loveable.”
“I’m always learning.”

What old story of yours is holding you back?
How can you let it go?
What do you need to do in order to let it go?

Imagine the possibilities of your new story.
And the next new story…and the new story after that…

Then imagine the possibility of You.

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