You are deserving.

“I’m tired. Tired of feeling like what I deserve should be dictated by others. Tired of questioning whether or not I deserve better or more. Tired of being a victim in feeling bad but believing I do not deserve better.” How many of you feel or think like this? Maybe it’s time to question your beliefs; your worth and how this kind of thinking serves you.

I am deserving of wonderful things. And guess what? So are you. Yep, you read that right. You are deserving of wonderful things such as joy, happiness, peace, love, ice cream, chocolate… Sorry I got a bit carried away. But you get the point.

And I’m here to remind you that you are deserving. That the mistake you made in the past can be forgiven. It starts by you forgiving yourself. That horrible thing you said five years ago to that person you care deeply about; that eats away at you every now and then…guess what…you can’t change it now. You can pick up the phone and apologise if it’s bothering you that much or you can forgive yourself. The regret you have from ten years ago; let it go and if you feel you can’t then fix it. The hurt you feel because you think you could have acted better in the past; learn from it and act better now and in the future. The person you didn’t treat well before and they’re not in your life anymore; learn from it and treat the other people in your life better. That person you push away because you’re afraid and believe they won’t love you if they see the real you (or whatever other story you’ve made up in your head) and think you’re not deserving; you’re wrong. You are deserving.

How can I say these things so confidently? How do I know you’re deserving? Because I know I am deserving. And I’m just as human as you are. Because I’ve said horrible things to people I care about; because I make mistakes (every day I’m sure if I kept track) and I now know I’m still deserving of good and wonderful things such as joy, happiness, peace, love, ice cream, chocolate…sorry I got carried away again.

No one, other than you, can make you feel deserving. Even after reading this post, you still might not believe you’re deserving. But it may be a start. It may put a seed in your mind, a question: “Am I deserving?” or “Imagine if this is true and I am deserving, could I choose me and know on faith that everything else will fall into place?” or maybe you’ve never thought about whether or not you deserve anything other than what you have or what life seems to give you. And this post makes you start thinking about this word “deserving” and what you believe you deserve compared to where you are.

You are deserving. And no one has the right to make you feel otherwise. Do not give away your power. Do not believe what others say. Do not believe those other voices in your head that put you down. Because you know, in your soul, in the very essence of your being, that you are deserving.

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