Beyond the mind.

“A belief is a thought that is true for you. A thought that you hold to be true. And we acquire beliefs through the interpretation of past experiences. All the interpretations ultimately end up becoming your beliefs. And this creates our reality…I’m speaking very literally. What we see, hear, what we understand, what inspires us. All of that comes from belief. And these beliefs project as our world. We actually create the world that comes from these inner beliefs. In turn the world feeds back on us and it reinforces what we already believe in. So we see what we become and the world becomes who we are.” Taken from the podcast, “Beliefs create reality” – Deepak Chopra.

And with this follows many questions he asks:

Are your beliefs therefore imprisoning you? How do you change your beliefs that are imprisoning you and keeping you from your true self? How do you shift your identity from your conditioned self which is separate and living in fear to your pure self which is a field of infinite potential, infinite love, infinite compassion, infinite joy?

I can’t wrap my head around this. Not because I don’t believe it but because it seems too simple to be true. Isn’t life supposed to be hard and complicated? Or do we, ourselves, just make it that way because of fear? Because we were conditioned to believe this way? Because we separated from our true selves years ago?

I love this idea: You are a spiritual being having a human experience, not a human being having a spiritual experience.

Imagine, for a moment, that this was the absolute truth. There was no need to question this; we knew it to be true. Would we take life so seriously? Or would we absorb everything as an experience and know that it’s all for our own growth and learning? We’d be able to go beyond our thoughts and feelings and we’d be able to go beyond the mind because we know there’s more to life than hard and complicated. We would no longer allow our thoughts and beliefs to create a reality that doesn’t fit our true selves. We would be in a state of flow; where our reality is the same as our pure selves because our beliefs are no longer conditioned but true to us. We would stop calling life unfair or wonder why bad things happen to us or wonder why everything just seems so hard; because we would understand that it’s our own beliefs and for life to change, our beliefs would need to change.

I think what makes this hard to believe as truth is that this would then mean we would not be able to blame anyone or anything else for the life we are living. We can only blame ourselves and while we all probably feel like we all take responsibility for our lives, how often do we say, “I had no other choice” or “I don’t know how to have what I want” or “I can’t make that decision. What will people think?” or “This happened to me and it’s not my fault” or “It’s not my fault. You did XYZ.” Sometimes we don’t say anything; sometimes we just avoid and deny.

So remember: You are a spiritual being having a human experience. And if you’re feeling like life is too hard, maybe all that’s left is your body and it’s about getting back in touch with your spiritual being.

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