Admitting to ignorance.

Imagine if we all admitted to our ignorance. If we all accepted thay we didn’t know everything, or admitting that we don’t know what we don’t know. What an exciting place that would be. No need for ego, for unnecessary strutting of ourselves to show off how much better we are compared to others, less need to inflate that unbelievable truth or to worry about needing to “fake it before we make it.”

What would happen if every time you asked a person something and they said, “I don’t know but why don’t we find out together?” The journeys and bonds that would create!

It would be a place where our egos would know their place and people would be so comfortable to just be who they are that we wouldn’t have to wonder if the person you’re seeing is the real them.

Imagine if people were comfortable enough to be themselves. To everyone around them. No needing to conform, to worry about what you wear and why you’re wearing it, no need to talk a certain way, be a certain way, except the way you’re meant to be. How interesting would that be?

Imagine if everyone showed up as themselves, as their authentic, true selves, not driven by others, or material objects or some far off dream that actually belongs to someone else and isn’t really what they want. How much more could we learn about each other because the more you’re you, the more of myself I can be. How incredible it would be if we then just accepted we were all the same but different, and it allowed us to acknowledge our ignorance and willingness to learn. How exciting a place that could be.

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