Preparation for self-isolation. By an introvert.

I am an introvert. Highly introverted. To the point where I fall asleep at people’s homes when there’s large gatherings, complain about having to attend functions I say yes too, talking is an effort (genuinely), do not answer the door to unexpected visitors, will always choose whatsapp over a phone call…let’s not get into video calls (to be discussed later).

So you would think naturally that self isolating would be a breeze.

Here’s some problems that I’ve experienced though.

1. I had to stock up on groceries (no, not hoard. Stock up in case I have to isolate for 2 weeks). I hate shopping. I normally go into a store, buy the minimal amount of anything required and live off that for a week until I amp myself up to go to a store again. And no, I avoid mid week shopping. Buy bread for who! But on this occasion, I had to get a trolley (not a basket), take longer through the aisles, get annoyed at all the other people in the aisles (geez people we’re supposed to be self-isolating…!) and go to more than 2 stores. Yes, I don’t do more than 2 stores for grocery shopping. And by the way, I also ended up taking longer at the till. Because I had more stuff. Needless to say I napped when I got home.

2. I have to get used to video calls. Naturally I avoid them. If someone unexpectedly video calls me I do not answer. It’s like an invasion of privacy…why must you see me and what I’m doing?! So in preparation, I video called people. Obviously my first video call was to another introvert. She was prepared for the call.

3. I have to create a new routine. A whole new routine. People, us introverts (I speak for myself here), we like routines. And when at work, I accept there is none such. But in my own time, there is such. And if I have to combine the work environment with the home environment…well new routine needs to be created. Eye roll inserted here.

4. Since I won’t be interacting all day with people, I’ll not come home exhausted which means I may not be able to sleep. How else does an introvert sleep well? (asking for a friend)

Overall though, I appreciate that I no longer require an excuse to decline invites (social distancing people!). I can go an entire day staying in my home and not feeling guilty for doing nothing. I’d say stock up on books (because you’ll get bored of TV at some point), get out your walking shoes, download lots of good music and enjoy loads of “me” time.

Lots of love
A self-labeled introvert.

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