Let your inner child play.

Do you ever feel like your intuition and sense of wonder was just so much stronger when you were a child, like you were more in touch with the world when you had less knowledge so you just had to trust your intuition? Lately, I’ve been having flashbacks of those feelings; not memories but moments of remembering when I was more grounded or did things because I just “knew” it was what needed to be done; regardless of what people said (or how many people laughed).

I wonder when the change of losing your trust in your intuition happens – Is it during the transition from child to teenager or is it the change from teenager to adult…or is it possible that it’s actually none of these. The change could be during a specific event when the world you’ve grown up in is shattered and you stop believing; or maybe you get so tired of fighting against the pressure to conform that you just…give in to it.

During this time of lack of normal happenings in the world; I feel less pressure of continuously trying to fit in (the lack of needing to keep up with what I need to wear everyday because you know…they will judge you) or the lack of pressure to keep up with news from around the globe on topics I honestly do not care about, and the drop in pressure in forcing myself to be social (because it’s the normal and right thing to do. You cannot be this introverted; it’s not normal). Because of all these “normal” things that I’ve stopped doing during this abnormal time, I am finding myself having a deeper sense of wonder in the world; with the topics that I’m keenly drawn to; with the wanting to not be a child again (definitely not, especially if it means repeating my teen and adult years all over again) but with the wanting to keep things simple, the wanting to let my inner child play and the best part of nobody saying otherwise.

It’s almost as if we lose the sense of wonder that we have as children and we spend the rest of our lives searching for it but never finding it because we’re also trying to make sure we keep up with what everyone else is doing or saying or being. But we do not notice that it’s with us all the time. We just need to choose to see it and feel it. And of course believe and trust those feelings.

So often, we complicate our lives by trying to keep up (you can decide on the what and with who) yet I’m finding that now that all the noise as I like to call it, has been removed, I’ve never seen or felt as clearly as I am seeing and feeling right now. It’s a chance to enjoy seeing and hearing and feeling what we want to, the way we used, but without needing to physically be 5 years old again.

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