Bookworm Edition: Remember being human?

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Spoiler Alert: this blog may contain a few.

So, anyway, yeah, we’re all human. Well done to us for figuring that out. I received this book, “We are still human” by Brad Shorkend and Andy Golding, from a colleague months ago. Like months ago. Like maybe last year kind of months ago. I thought it would be all about how to be a better human leader / employer / employee / owner at work (which it kind of is) but once I started reading it, I started seeing why this would be a good book for anyone entering the working world, anyone in the working world, anyone leaving the working world and starting their own thing…basically anyone who has to deal with other humans in their everyday life.

I loved the ease of language (can you tell how this just makes me happy…), the graphics and the short stories of people’s lives that the book contained, not to mention the quotes that were unmissable. So why should just about anyone read this book, regardless of where you are in your career or life? Besides the fact that all the lessons contained in this book should really be applied to everyday all kinds of scenarios (and not just in the workplace) it also reminds us of what should matter and how we should want to be treated and how we should treat others. That’s right! Like humans, not machines! Who would have guessed?!

From the reminder that assumptions are a lot like quicksand and we get stuck defending our stuff when we’ve not actually checked our stuff to the importance of clarity, communication and trust, this book covers it all with simplicity. They make it seem so easy…maybe because it is and we’re just lazy…#justsaying. There’s questions to ponder, thoughts that are provoking and stories of people that are inspirational. Homework (i.e. research) was definitely not eaten by the dog in this case. If you’re already working, it makes you question if it’s the right place for you; if these are the people you want to spend most of your time with and if these are the company values you’re in tune with.

My favourite take-out from this book is this idea of moments that matter. Nothing shouts louder than moments; you know those memories or events that we will forever remember. I still remember my first day at work (many moons ago…stop trying to work it out) and needless to say I’m still friends with many who impacted that day. But what this book highlights to us is the impact we have on others when they’re going through “their moments”. For us, it’s just another day, holding the door open for someone, offering them a coffee but for that person, it could be the answer to the question, “Should I stay or should I leave?”

“All moments are not created equal, some are disproportionately more powerful and more meaningful than others. A simple and seemingly inconsequential moment for you might be a huge moment for someone else and have a far greater impact than anticipated, either positively or negatively.” – We are still human.

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