Get some rest. Real rest.

We underestimate how taking a break and getting some rest gives us more energy.

We’re constantly being told and reminded to “be on the go”, to “always keep going”, to “push yourself”. But no one says to you, “take time to refill your cup”, or “take a break, it’s good for you.”

There is always so much coming at us…news, information, all forms of social media, events, work, the list goes on. Even though time is considered a man made construction and illusion, we allow it to rule our lives more than we probably should. We use time as the reason we should be at a certain stage in our lives, whether it’s our careers, relationships or some goal we’ve set for ourselves. We use time as the reason to feel rushed and pressured and we use time to determine whether we’re successful or not.

What about using time to relax and take a break? To rest? To allow ourselves to re-fill our cups? Some R&R. Taking a break, a rest, allows you to pause. Pause and reflect. Take stock of where you’re at, whether you’re in the right path, heading in the right direction, or if your goal should still be your goal.

Sometimes breaks are forced upon us; normally through some event we deem as unfortunate or negative, but once the time has passed, we appreciate that it helped us in some way, shape or form. Here’s the strange part though…why do we wait for this unfortunate event? Why can’t we just take the rest when we feel we need to do so? Relax? Reflect? Take time out? Has it become such a bad topic that if we want to punish our children for bad behavior, we give them a “time-out?”

Learning happens during reflection. Reflection happens when we take time out. We need to start making breaks and rest and relaxation a norm. A real one. Preferably without any technology. Without any distractions. Without anything that feels like an effort.

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