Small acts. Big impact.

I recently had an experience that threw me off completely. In an attempt of trying to avoid all the negative media and news that’s happening more and more, I’ve also ended up becoming more and more of an introvert. This together with a few experiences that have occurred over the years by those who were closest to me; trusting that the world is a safe, kind place is not my immediate stance. And so when this experience occurred I was thrown off. It was small but powerful.
It reminded me of two things we take for granted; firstly, it’s the little things that count and secondly, kindness still exists in the world.

The experience? Friends called unexpectedly to see if I was home in order to drop off something. Gifts, yay! I had no idea what it was but regardless it was the sweetest feeling to be thought of out of the blue. And so they arrived and dropped of a chocolate brownie. One. They drove out of their way to drop off a chocolate for me. All that way. And for no reason other than they knew that I have a deep appreciation for chocolate.

It was a small act of kindness that reminded me that there are still kind people in the world and more specifically it’s the little things that count like:

A message or call from someone you haven’t heard from in ages just saying hello.
A friend popping in for a visit.
Someone making you tea or coffee.
That person taking note of what you’ve said and remembering it.

In a world where there’s always so much news coverage and media on how much is going wrong, we sometimes need to remember to look closer to home for what’s going right.

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