What is trapped inside you?

Ever thought about what’s trapped inside you that’s just dying to get out? Whether it’s about pent up emotions or resentment (definitely used to be me) or even just some extraordinary talent that you’re too afraid to show the world?

I used to always worry about the consequences of letting my anger show or the consequences if I stood my ground and said no. Was it the fear of not being liked or the fear of my own emotions that stopped me from showing any of it?

We have been taught from a young age to always please others and to always put other people’s needs ahead of our own. Be conscientious. Be kind. Be a people-pleaser. What I’m learning though is that none of these things mean anything if you are doing it as some sort of obligation. And I’m not saying it doesn’t mean anything because of some moral high ground. I’m saying it doesn’t mean anything if it feels like an obligation because all that happens is you become distressed while trying to make others happy. When you’re acting from a place of anguish, pain, distress, irritation, anger, guilt or frustration then you’re not being kind to yourself, you’re not being conscious of your own needs and you’re definitely not making yourself happy. If you cannot do these things for yourself, how can you truly do them for anyone else?

Whatever is trapped inside you, let it out. If you want to say no but say yes instead, you’re holding emotions in. If you want to paint or draw or sing or start a blog and you do not because you do not believe you’re talented enough, you’re holding it within.

Whatever you’re holding within will either die a slow death or eat you from within. Whatever is trapped within you is like a fire that is burning from within. It will either die or burn everything. And if behaving from that kind of place and you continuously try to hide your own emotions, it will be noticed. It will be seen. And all that ends up happening is you trying to convince yourself how well you’re hidden. Step up. Step out. Let what’s trapped inside you out.

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