Talk Impact: Are you a time-poor person?

Sooo…this isn’t one of those bite size talks I like to share. This is a full one hour podcast talk about time. Ironic, little bit?

It caught my eyes and ears because it isn’t the normal “Let’s discuss time management and how to become good at it” session. This podcast made me think differently about how I use my time…as a resource. This is the one thing we are all given equally; everyone gets the same amount of time on a daily basis and yet some seem to use their time better than others, which means when you think about time as a resource – some are rich in time and others are poor (reminds me of that movie (cannot remember name or actors) but you work for your time and once your time runs out, you die…you know, that movie).

The name of the podcast is “How to be smarter with your time” by Melissa Monte and Ashley Whillans. Melissa Monte interviews various individuals on her podcast called, Mind Love – I love it, (link here:

I was saving my time by listening to the podcast and doing some mundane tasks (see, it already had a positive effect) and as I was listening it clicked that none of the stuff mentioned is unique or mind blowing concepts but when attached to trying to make better use of your time, it works. Ideas like calculating the time cost of daily decisions or cultivating an awareness of why you’re doing “time wasting” activities and what productive activity you could be doing instead, as opposed to trying to stop doing that “time wasting” activity immediately. So, basically carry on doing it until you figure out why you’re doing it and once you figure that out, you’ll most likely stop doing it anyway.

You could also implement strategies to use your time better. Now, these aren’t the normal ones you’d hear like “block out time” or “use a tracking app”. It’s more of the strategy of learning to delegate (never thought of that as a specific time saving strategy) or learning to say no (yeah, did you ever think of saying no to save you time?). Or, did you even think about how much time you waste trying to fall asleep? I mean, it doesn’t feel like you’re wasting time because you’re using it to try do something productive (sleep) but in this theory of time as a resource, it is kind of a waste.

Lastly, one more reason to listen to this podcast is because it reminds you that you have most likely leveled up in one area of your life over the years so your reference point changes which means the use of your time will change, and that’s something to keep in mind.

At the end of the day, what it is trying to get you to think about is, “What does time mean for you and…why does it matter?”

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