The end of hibernation.

Whoop Whoop! It is finally the end of winter here in the southern hemisphere. Nothing makes me happier than the sun shining, flowers blooming and new energy in the air. I love watching the new growth in plants, the trees’ leaves turning green, the feel of sunshine, the warm evenings that invite one to sit outside. It’s the cleanliness that mother nature brings each year.

This year’s winter I struggled. More than normal. I felt more sluggish compared to other past winters, fatigued, and my brain was completely foggy or should I rather say, frozen. I counted down to September and the beginning of Spring with as much enthusiasm that I could offer. The simple idea that winter would come to an end was probably the only idea that got me up every morning.

It’s hard to appreciate this type of weather and all it brings when it has such a heavy impact. But the second it disappears, the minute it leaves, the hour it vanishes, I understand the reasoning for its need.

The dullness that I see in winter allows us to enjoy the newness that comes after, even more. It’s incredible how with a change in weather, new life, literally and figuratively, starts. But more than anything, it’s a reminder of the continuous cycles that we go through in life. The reminder that life is full of ups and downs.

It’s also the reminder that even during those horrible, cold days, there are things that can be relished. Like the deeper nights of sleep that happen, the snuggling in a warm blanket, or the tastiness of hot soup. Even when one is surrounded by gloom, there’s reminders everywhere that it will come to an end.

Finally, the hibernation has ended. The freshness of Spring has started. Here’s to sunny days, fresh flowers and warmer nights. And this gratitude is deepened by the knowledge of the winter that has just passed.

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