Let’s live our truth for 2019.

As the year, 2018, was coming to an end, I was reading a book and the words, “Live my truth” stood out. This is what I want to do in 2019. I want to live my truth. And by living my truth I want to set my intentions for the year ahead consciously so that whatever happens I’ll end off 2019 emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually more fulfilled.

Reading the news, Facebook stories and tweets, it seems like we are in for one interesting ride in 2019. The economy worldwide is in for a rough time and we are going to have to be our most resilient yet. To not let the tough times get to me, I always try to remember that life is filled with cycles, ups and downs, and if we can come through the rough times stronger, we’ll appreciate the good times so much more. So yes, the year ahead may be tough but we can only get stronger too, right?

If you agree with this and want to join me on a journey for the year ahead, here’s some questions which prompted my thinking.

  1. What is your one intention for the year ahead?
  2. On 31st December 2019, when you look back at the past year, what 5 things would you have done that will make you feel content?
  3. How can you incorporate a tool in your life that will remind you to be grateful daily?
  4. What daily actions or thoughts can you repeat that will focus on each one of the following areas: Mental, physical, emotional and spiritual growth.
  5. Who in your life can you lean on for support to join you in this journey?

My answers:

  1. My intention for the year ahead is to live my truth.
  2. By 31 December 2019, I would look back at the past year and feel content because:
    • I would have completed my modules for my course.
    • I would have built a savings account for my upcoming travels.
    • I would have made more effort with my friendships and relationships.
    • I would have improved my running and increased my overall physical activity.
    • I would have tried one new activity a month.
  3. My gratitude jar is my tool that I use daily to remind myself that every day there is something to be grateful for.
  4. My morning routine which involves 20 minutes meditation, 20 minutes reading and 20 minutes exercise will help me develop physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  5. Various family and friends will definitely be leaned on because there will be those tough days where support will be needed and support will be given. It’s a 2 way street.

I hope these questions and answers help you with the year ahead.

Here’s to the remaining 359 days of opportunity.


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