Do not wear big shoes.

You probably read this title and immediately imagined a female wearing heels that are too large for her (Well I imagined this… or better yet I see this nearly everyday). And you are probably thinking that this blogger is moving from discovering her passion in life to discussing fashion. You will need to read the rest of this to make your own discovery.

I learnt about Louis Vuitton (I googled the spelling) from a heterosexual male who realised that knowledge on topics which females were interested in would be his way of making him a topic of interest with those same females. I still was and am however not very interested to the point that my husband keeps me updated with the latest fashion labels (with me paying very little attention).

I have always chosen comfort over fashion (this is where my friends would nod in agreement). It has never been an interest in my life and me even having a heading with the words “shoes” in it makes me want to type faster to get to the point. This is where patience is part of the process – I am getting to it I promise.

So here is the question: Why would any one wear shoes that are too big for them?

I was at a mall and saw this beautifully dressed female wear these very high, very big shoes and even though they were pretty she was undoubtedly battling to maintain her balance. She was also not hiding her discomfort very well at all. This dance of discomfort stole any attention from the rest of her. Even now, thinking about it, I can describe the walk in detail but I would not be able to describe her or her outfit very well. Wherever she was going it was going to be painful (at least to watch anyway). So now, you’re probably wondering what this has to do with a journey of self-discovery or finding my passion in life?

Here comes the link. (Thank you for being patient with me).

Why do we make life unnecessarily hard for ourselves? We struggle over trying to please other individuals, trying to constantly fit in, always worrying about being disliked or doing the very opposite – trying so hard not to fit in that we over-think how to be different and it gets us in a jam anyway. We focus on the unnecessary (like battling in big shoes) as opposed to focussing on what would truly make us feel better (like comfortable shoes). Surely if we are our absolute comfortable selves we would naturally find our place in the world easier. We would not focus on how we are walking but instead focus on our surroundings. We would not focus on what people may be thinking because we are so comfortable with ourselves and in what and how we are doing something that we have faith in ourselves. Yes, I understand that humans are social creatures and we need people. But do we truly need to constantly worry about what other people think or about fitting in to a space that we clearly do not belong in?

My answer to all of this… Do not wear big shoes. The journey is long and you need to be comfortable to truly enjoy all life’s experiences!

Have a great week of asking and finding!

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