What is your secret?

What is your favourite past time? What could you spend hours doing when people or other things are not requiring your attention?

For me, it would be day dreaming.

There is this comedy called, “Go On,” with a character called Danny who lives in a world where he’s created a little town and he knows every person in this town. Every person has their own character and no one has any bad qualities. In fact nothing bad ever happens in this town. This is the way he deals with his reality which is different to his town. This is an extreme type of day dreaming and if I get to this point then someone will need to make sure I pull myself out of it (please). I day dream for a completely different reason. It helps me figure out what I want, my goals and dreams and how to accomplish all these things. I will not share my day dreaming thoughts; they are mine and no one else’s. In fact one of the questions I dislike is “What are you thinking?” It pulls me from this place immediately and I do not complete my thought process. Sharing should be easy right? Especially when your blog is about thoughts and ideas. But there is always two (three if it is the truth) sides to everything – there will always be a hidden side. My reason for not sharing is because I believe actions rather than words. So when my dreams become a reality then it would be shared with everyone. Until then it’s my secret.

My mother used to say that I could sleep with my eyes open and I could ignore everything or everyone around me. It was so much fun. But as we grow older we start trying to accommodate everyone else that we allow in our lives and we no longer do that one thing that brings us a few minutes of joy each day. That one thing that can get you to focus and be less moody and keep you on track for the next few days – for you it might be reading a certain genre of novels; pinterest; listening to music; talking to a specific person or zoning out with the television.

While you are figuring out what you need to do to take you to your happy place, also think about the one thing you do that you do not share with anyone else. That one thing that you keep a mystery from all others and you do not want to share it with anyone because including others would spoil it. It could not bring anyone else as much joy as it brings you if you shared it.

In a world where people are so exposed and it is better to be open so that others cannot use your faults against you we also need to keep some of ourselves protected and hidden. Some can call it mystery or secrets; I think it’s just saving a part of your soul from the rest of the world.

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