What my friends have done for me.

What would you do for your closest friends or your best friend?

Here’s just a few memories and moments, in no particular order, that stand out for me in terms of what my best and closest have done for me:

Stayed up and had random conversations until the early hours of the morning, using a Jonty Rhodes poster as a world map because that’s how weird it can get;
Recently watched Set-it-off with me because I refused to watch a sad movie alone;
Putting up with my love for cricket (which has now expanded to my love for soccer and rugby);
Dealing with me changing my mind constantly until I finally just do what I want anyway without saying anything;
Dealt with my inability to use certain words and giving me appropriate substitutes because blushing in public that much is embarrassing;
Knowing that I may be quiet in a group of people but get me on my own and I’ll talk your head off;
Accepted that I will create an itinerary when you visit me on YOUR holiday because I don’t want you to miss out on anything;
Once argued with a female (he’s male) because I was being too nice and she was being horrible;
Made me the best coffees every morning for a year and talked nonsense for an hour before work started to get my thoughts right;
Being my sounding board because having emotions to deal with as a female is sometimes overbearing;
Changing your working environment because of a function for me;
Reminding me that we all have an inner child who loves to colour;
Working with me through my complex thoughts;
Helping word my emotions because let’s be honest I suck at expressing it (but I am getting better);
Accepting my rather odd dress sense (there will always be hope that it gets better);
Indulging my fear of heights and spiders and still making me face them;
Being honest with me when it’s the hardest;
Involving me for your baby shower; suprise parties and events;
Asking my opinion and taking it into account;
Reminding me to stay honest;
Joining in on my love for doggies and sending me photos every now and then;
Enjoying M.T. Coffin books with me;
Waking me up at 5am every morning because it’s our thing;
Having the longest phone conversation you’ve ever had on the phone because I needed it;
Choosing my home to come to; to nap and/or escape the world;
Letting me treat your home like it’s my other home;
Treating me like your sister even though you have some already;
Calling me when you were upset because you needed to talk;
Making me laugh when I phone because you can tell I’m sad and you don’t ask why;
Trusting me completely;
Once having our faces painted because we’re adults acting like children;
Put up with my really really loud laugh which I cannot control;
Accepting me for who I am;
Not killing me after running 10 kilometres together even thougb you really wanted to;
Checking in when I’ve been too quiet;
For most of all loving me lots:-)

4 thoughts on “What my friends have done for me.

  1. Bronwin says

    I gather I could call dips on the baby showers, surprise parties and events…even if you didn’t think of me when saying so ๐Ÿ˜› I’m calling it anyways๐Ÿ˜

  2. Raphaella says

    You know exactly what I am going through coz we share a brain!!!Lol, you still have it by the way! Life is way to serious and time is just flying by so it is lovely when we can just slow down abit(not that we actually do-even at our own parties/events) and remember the good old days like UB40 and playing cricket in your back yard. Miss those slower days.


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