For my love of music and memories.

After typing half a blog on some serious topic I decided to delete it. Let’s go for something fun; yes meaningful, but fun.

Besides my love for reading I have a love for music. Don’t be confused – I cannot dance. At all. But my love for music covers well for my lack of rhythm. The amazing part about music is that it goes according to my mood and it plays an integral part in creating memories for me.

The first time I remember listening to UB40 was on a trip my father and I took; one of his many business trips that I joined in on (which also encouraged my love for exploring). It also drove my sibling crazy having to listen to “Higher Ground” and “Can’t help falling in love with you” on repeat in the car.

In the early years of primary school there was Vanilla Ice, a reminder of my sibling and his friends and always being his side-kick. Then there was “Macarena” in the much later years of primary school which let everyone believe they could dance and was a hit at my cousin’s 40th. Primary school was also when my interest in R and B started; first with Heavy D’s assistance in introducing us to groups like Soul for Real and Kris Kros then with Mariah Carey’s “Dreamlover.” Nothing could remind me more of my cousins than Michael Jackson’s “Dangerous” album and the debate on whether or not he swore in the “Black or white” song. BoysIIMen’s album, II, and Keith Sweat’s song, “Twisted” belonged in grade 7 when the words weren’t really understood but it had something or the other to do with love.

Then began high school and the great divide. These times were thus influenced more by R and B and Hip Hop, but also movies, luckily. Grade 9 showed me the world of Aerosmith with “I don’t want to miss a thing” and this translated into my work life later on, with their songs, “Jaded” and “Just feel better.” One of my all time favourites reminds me of driving my room-mates nuts playing it every chance I got – Big Mountain’s version of “Baby I love your way.” I will never forget Brandy and Monica’s “The boy is mine” and Leann Rimes, “How do I live”, both being constantly played on our class trip and a great slow song to dance to. Grade 10 and 11 was R and B/Hip Hop all the way with TLC making their come back album and song, “No scrubs”; Kevon Edmonds 24/7 album; 50 cent; Puff Daddy and R Kelly being engrained into memory. Grade 12’s best was Eve’s “Who’s that girl” where we learnt a dance routine just for fun but it was also the best for ending with Lenny Kravitz “Again”, Usher’s “You’ve got it bad” and my re-affirmation on my affection for UB40, all ending off high school on a sweet note.

University was a level on its own. Janet Jackson, Lenny Kravitz’s greatest hits, the replays of Toni Braxton all in first year. Then an album that was just fate for me to hear and took me through the best and worst, Tweet’s “Southern Hummingbird” album and especially the song, “Smoking cigarettes” (a habit I hope I’m never driven to) hit hard. Aaliyah’s album and her death brought about, “I miss you” but also Missy Elliotts fun times.

Work life was and has been an integration of the above, together with the re-discovery of most of these songs; artists and albums and the discovery of new artists like Sam Smith and John Legend.

Every song has its own memory for each person and music always makes me feel better.

Nothing beats the feeling when I turn on the radio and hear, “Baby I love your way” blasting over the air-waves and only a smile can form on my face.

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