To value time and uncomfortable zones.

I can’t believe it’s yet another December already… Not enough people are on leave yet and work is still crazy busy!

But it’s December…and the lightbulb went off with the truth that time flies faster the older you become. Maybe that’s why people become way more sentimental, softer and understanding; it’s a hard reminder of what matters when you see your life pass faster than you would like.

…and maybe that’s also why it’s more fun to let the inner child out more often. Being an adult is overrated but we only realise this when we become adults.

…and maybe it’s because we start to realise that time is running out. That we no longer have the luxury of waiting for things to arrive. We have to now make an effort for the things we want. It’s no longer about waiting for opportunities to come our way but about creating those opportunities. It’s also about using the time we have in the best possible way (like playing with puppies every day).

There’s also the realisation of what and who is important in your life. The older you become the less time you want to spend with people who do not understand you; the more time you want to spend with people you care about and the less time you want to waste explaining yourself.

Tonight I also realised that time is flying so get out of your comfort zone. I was forced way out of mine a few times this year, including tonight and it was just fun. Laughter. Good. Thought provoking in some instances.

Most importantly you realise that your time truly is the most precious gift you can give someone. It actually is the one thing you can give away to someone that you can never replace.
Think about it.
I’ll let it sink in…
Thought about it?
Lightbulb moment, isn’t it?

That’s what I realised. As the quote goes, “The trouble is you think have time.”

So enjoy the shorter blog so you can have more time to enjoy what you really want to do.

And here’s to 2016…may we use every second in a way that shows that’s it’s the most valuable gift we have. And here’s to many more out-of-my-comfort-zone moments!

2 thoughts on “To value time and uncomfortable zones.

  1. Nozipho says

    My previous manager passed away this week. He retired last year and was supposed to now have time to spend with his wife and grandchildren and the lovely “house by the Vaal river with his own game” that he bought. He still continued to work post retirement so he actually didn’t get to rest and be with his loved ones or enjoy the fruits of 40 years of working.

    I felt so bad when I heard. A lot of times we delay gratification and tell ourselves to work hard so we can have a good retirement. Will we even get to enjoy that retirement? We will leave all the money and accolades behind when we die. Sad reality. The problem is that we think we have time indeed.

    So on a lighter note: YOLO

    1. My Butterfly Dream says

      Sorry Nozi! That’s sad to hear.

      What you said is so true. We delay gratification and we also waste time getting angry instead of just accepting. Spend time doing what you love; spend time with people you care about 🙂 Y.O.L.O.


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