The 3 lessons I learnt from coffee and sugar.

One morning at work while happily making my second cup of coffee, looking forward to the delicious aroma and those sweet sips, I all of a sudden stopped stirring the sugar filled cup and without a second thought and a quick reflex threw it down the drain.


Because I was disgusted with myself for having 6 teaspoons of sugar by 10 in the morning. 2 in my first cup of coffee, 2 in my cereal, 2 in my second cup. All by 10!

I’ve learnt three important lessons from this experience.

The first is that coffee is an acquired taste, a seriously intense acquired taste. I’m being polite here – it’s bitter and horrible. And yes, I still drink it.

The second is that going cold-turkey with anything is simple when you fully accept the consequences of continuing with your actions. When you are ready and the timing is right.
Timing is everything. With anything. Timing, timing, timing.

Have I tried to stop having sugar before? Yes.
Have I tried decreasing my portions? Yes.
Has it worked before? No.
So why now? Timing.

The third lesson is: if you want to stop doing something or you want to create a new habit, understanding Why and the point of it is only the first step.
You need to believe the Why. This is the second step.
And once you believe the Why you need to be your own parent. This is the third step.
You need to look over your own shoulder, scaring yourself into fear of not wanting to disappoint yourself. This is the final step.

And every morning, repeat.

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