My Best of 2017.

December is party time and reflection time; especially as we all await the new year with hopefully more eagerness than the last.

Reflecting on this fast flying year, my biggest lesson was learning to always get up. And more importantly to get over myself. Without even realising it the biggest obstacle in our way is normally ourselves and while I’ve heard people say this before, this year has shown me how accurate this thought is.
Lesson in practice: Get Up and Over.

To help me stay focused in this journey, I’ve read many books, blogs, watched Ted talks, motivational videos, meditated, prayed and listened. And these are the ideas and actions that supported me along the way:

1. Gratitude Jar.
Required: A jar. Small blocks of paper. Pen. 5 minutes of your time.

I love this idea. And I will definitely continue it next year. Every morning after I meditate, I write down a few things I’m grateful for that happened the day before. At first I would write generic thank yous; and it’s taken me until December to have so many thank yous I want to put on the list that I now take up both sides of the small block of paper.

2. Make your bed every morning.
Required: Small amount of energy.

This idea came from a motivational talk I watched. If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.
Click here:

3. Go on a Retreat.
Required: A little bit of courage and an open mind.

I put this idea off for two years. Until the timing and feeling felt right and I was over myself. And I do not regret a second of it. My phone was off for 4 days; I did not speak to anyone (it was a silent retreat after all) and I am learning to not sweat the small stuff. I cannot control everything and everything will happen in its own time. With or without interference from me. YES, I was in the way of myself again.

4. Follow a morning routine. Every morning.
Required: Resilience.

I fail at this often but the next morning I drag myself out of bed and try again. That’s the beauty of this idea. It’s for a lifetime so in failing on one morning you learn that life is not about a single moment but a series of moments. And because I failed today does not mean I’ll fail tomorrow. It’s like a second chance every day. Your morning routine can involve anything you want; it’s your time to yourself. I read, meditate and exercise. I give myself that one hour in the morning with no disturbance so I can give the rest of the time to everyone else.

5. The Did-it list.
Required: Pen and Paper. Time.

This idea came from a blog I read (link: and I loved it! This is definitely something to do at the end of the year. We’re always so absorbed by our goals, bucket lists, what we want to do; that we never take time to reflect. Reflection is as important. It allows us to appreciate what we have accomplished in a not-so-arrogant way. I started my list and on the 31st December I would have completed it.

5 ideas and actions that I’ll be taking into the new year with me.

Wishing you all the best for the upcoming year. Look after yourselves and your loved ones now more than ever 🙂 If you liked any of these ideas or have tried any let me know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “My Best of 2017.

  1. Nozipho says

    I love idea 5. At the end of each day Instead of stressing about what I didn’t achieve I like to think about what I did achieve; learnt something new, was able to make a homemade dinner not ordering in, finished that presentation I have been avoiding, read that arricle, still pumping milk for the baby. Makes me feel like I am not completely useless 😂😂

    Will start with the morning routine one next year 😉


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